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Solid Crystal Paste Supplier Witte Hinda Joint BDO Runda Flip Urgent Program To Reduce Costs

Aug 01, 2017

 Recently, Shenzhen and Dalian Witt Hinda BDO Runda signed a strategic partnership agreement, the two sides formally become a strategic partner in the future, the two sides will promote the process of flip, flip chip, solder paste solid crystal technology Application of the play to their strengths. backpfrontp BDO Runda 2009 formally entered the LED stadium lights industry through mergers and acquisitions, with a total investment of over 10 billion yuan, Dalian BDO designed annual production capacity of 5 billion high-power visible LED stadium lighting chip. Hinda is backpfrontp Witte has been engaged in cutting-edge technology research and development of welding materials, and in the United States, Japan, mainland China has three major R \u0026 D center, high power led flood light relying on its leading position and leading technology background traditional welding materials industry established in two decades, Witt Hinda has maintained its dominant position in the flip-chip bonding paste market, Witte Hinda V8000 series solid crystal paste flip industry has a good reputation,1000W LED flood light and first-line packaging industry companies, such as country star power, Hong Lee Optical, Foshan lighting, optoelectronics and other packaging companies Jufei specified applications. backpfrontp The Witte Hinda and BDO Runda together, will work together to flip chip, CSP, application development and application of welding technology. BDO Runda Northern Lights LED tennis court light flip chip applications is Xinda Technology Witt welding program, the Northern Lights flip chip products at 700mA drive up the flux can reach 220lm / W. Technical director of both further revealed that the two sides have more advanced welding technology program to expand research, I believe that in the near future, there will be a LED high bay lights flip chip products subvert the traditional way of welding new materials applied to. backpfrontp Witte Hinda and BDO Runda hope that through cooperation, reduce the cost of a flip scheme, so that LED gym lights prices more civilians. backp