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Smart Home 'were Praised,' The Need To Slow The Pace Of Development Of Intelligent Lighting

Jul 04, 2017

  Whether intelligent home, or the Internet +, have no doubt that this year's high frequency words. Development of smart home and LED stadium lighting are closely related, this paper briefly describes the current situation and development of intelligent home and home lighting interconnection, combined Internet + hot investigate the effect of the Internet on the industry and the so-called Internet thinking and thinking and platform from the user attempts to thinking two angles discusses choice for home stadium lights control interconnection agreement. backpfrontp a smart home business is very busy, you watch, praised backpfrontp as millet and other Internet companies to join, intelligent home in 2015 did fire up, the industry claimed that 2014 was the first year of the intelligent home, 2015 is Great Development of smart home. Smart home many participants, there are industrial users, such as lighting companies, electronics companies, there are Internet companies, telecom operators, as well as chip companies, many stakeholders, all parties want to occupy a favorable position in the smart home market in the billions. First, let us look at you and tried to become a smart home lead brother's actions. backpfrontp millet released smart home kit, priced at 22 yuan release of Wi-Fi module, LED tunnel lights two proposals to promote smart home standards. Jingdong JD + program nearly anniversary, through networking channels and financial means to promote smart home hardware and integration, Jingdong Microunion APP can unify its integrated intelligent home control hardware. 360 released its child safety watches, cameras, routers and other security products, home appliances also joint chiefs launched smart appliances, and even the introduction of the price of one yuan of Wi-Fi module. Ali is integrating its Lynx Taobao electrical store, to raise public sector eServices Division was established, by 19.9 yuan Qing Branch released a Wi-Fi intelligent module,LED arena lights through capital operation and joint Haier Meizu, smart home layout. Haier U +, air box, intelligent home kit, the United States smart appliances, as well as $ 10 WiFi module, Changhong CHiQ, Lenovo's new bench business, Gree air-conditioning business focus even have plans to launch three years does not change the smart phone, To control appliances through mobile phones. All are hoping to seize a place in the smart home. backpfrontp in smart home hot trend, telecom operators have begun to take the initiative to try. China Telecom launched the smart home products Yue me,LED high bay lights to provide users with the family information service integrated solutions. And fell in love with TV Media Co., Ltd., Hisense, Skyworth, Haier, TCL, Changhong, Konka and many other TV manufacturers, Marvell, Qualcomm and other six chip manufacturers, Huawei, ZTE, flames and other 36 terminal manufacturers, Suning, Gome, etc. 5 channel providers and application providers to set up smart home industry alliance to jointly enhance the family information product features and service levels, provide more choices for the residents information consumption. China Unicom released the fertile home business wisdom, wisdom Unicom fertile family business is beginning to enter the field of intelligent home. Wisdom fertile home smart home functionality,LED tennis court lights mobile phone users a variety of intelligent devices can be controlled at home, such as when to go to work, guests can automatically open the door, as well as water leakage, adjust the temperature, turn lights, automatic watering and many other smart home service. Currently, China Unicom's smart home service just in Guangdong pilot, through cooperation and real estate companies, the overall combination of smart home devices in the decoration of fashion into the home. backpfrontp bustling business, users of consumer enthusiasm has also been encouraged them, many have spent a lot of money to start smart home hardware, but then used, have Tucao, and too far away from the heart of the intelligent home, such as: mobile phone does not control home appliances Like imaginary convenience, unlock, open the APP, control some silly trilogy, WIFI socket mostly unable to connect WiFi, WiFi connection socket of the remote kettle,LED gym lights soybean milk, rice cookers and appliances needed on key operations, not as good as with timing function electrical appliances, cameras are furnishings, limited monitoring angle, back into peeping hacker tools, door sensor mounted on the window, but could not put down screens, mosquito insect invasion, occupancy sensors, etc. I need to stop waving. It can be seen from the intelligent home intelligent user demand still too far away. The status quo is all smart home only reflected in the smartphone control through intelligent hardware, which can only be called home control, the next step to enhance home automation,led high bay lights and finally to the smart home with artificial intelligence. backpfrontp To sum up, the status quo of smart home is: business is very busy, you watch, praised. The high cost of smart devices, users still difficult to accept; smart devices not smart - just a lack of automatic control and manual control intelligent control; demand is not clear - no solution user pain points, there is no point to seize the user itch; corporate profit model is not obvious, explore From providing intelligent hardware to provide value-added services business model? backpfrontp Second, the Internet and the Internet backpfrontp thinking behind the smart home hot background is exacerbating the impact of the Internet on the industry, the Internet to eliminate asymmetric information dissemination, connecting people people, away from people and things, things and objects. From the portal, dissemination of corporate websites interconnected to Taobao, Jingdong Internet-based channels, and now hot O2O, buy Internet-based supply chain. With the advance of the Internet of Things + will advance the entire value chain of Internet technology, the so-called Internet of thinking, the central idea is to use Internet tools, customer demand for the center, the elimination of social life, the production process of high consumption and low points efficiency, and greater information flow, cash flow and logistics efficiency. Together for the following points: backpfrontp User thinking: Always user-centric, user needs to solve pain points, the first service for free or at cost price to seize the user, and then take advantage of value-added services to achieve profitability; attract users to participate in the product life cycle, including product all aspects of research, development, production, marketing and services, improve the user experience and the sense of participation. backpfrontp extreme simplicity of thinking: one needs to seize the user pain points or itchy point, the product is not perfection, rapid product development, product design and production, the features and user experience to the limit. backpfrontp iterative thinking: stop micro innovate and improve product quality. backp