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Siu Chi Shares In Interim Net Profit 270 Million Yuan Turned To The Internet And Television Operators----OAK Led Flood Light

Sep 27, 2016

   Text / Engineering LED Zhao Hui] face fierce competition in the consumer electronics market, Siu Chi shares finally decided to Internet TV service joint operations strategic transformation. backpfrontp August 25, Siu Chi shares (002429.SZ) disclosed the 2015 semi-annual report.Stadium-light Earnings data show that the first half of the shares Siu Chi revenue reached 2.641 billion yuan, down 21.55 percent; attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 270 million yuan, which fell 4.66%. backpfrontp which, LED products and accessories revenue of 400 million yuan, an increase of 27.99%,led-stadium-light LED business gross margin was 9.05%. Siu Chi energy-efficient lighting subsidiary net profit 6,955,900 yuan; Katherine Chi subsidiary Jiangxi photoelectric net profit of 2.646 million yuan.led-flood-lighting backpfrontp Siu Chi shares, said basic has opened the entire LCD TV industry chain, allows the company to minimize the cost of LCD TV, LED TV backlight current matching as upstream LCD TV sets to enhance the profitability of the business has a certain contribution.high-power-led-flood-light The company currently has strong market competitiveness in the LED business, and the company relies on short-term export business channels will effectively promote the rapid growth of LED scale; and the long term, with the gradual phase-out of incandescent States to promote,1000W-led-flood-light LED lighting gradually raise product prices to gradually end the civilian population as well as consumer awareness of energy conservation, LED lighting business is expected to growth. backpfrontp Prior to August 13, Siu Chi shares announcement that Beijing intends to popular online auction Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the popular online) 63 percent stake.RGB-led-flood-light backpfrontp Siu Chi shares, said the competition in the future of the family television, the value of content and platform will far exceed the value of the hardware platform that is driven by the content and hardware requirements.tennis-court-light Thus, in the traditional TV manufacturers ODM demand growth slowed in the background, the company plans to industrial intelligent manufacturing advantages, based on the rapid integration of content resources and the advantages of the Internet platform through extensive development,led-tunnel-light combined with the network channels and traditional channels established for the end consumer channels system, the gradual completion of joint operations to the Internet TV business transformation, rapid access to the user entry at the same time through the family TV,led-arena-light to create content + terminal + platform Internet TV ecosystem. backpfrontp Meanwhile, Siu Chi shares recently also intends Oriental Pearl Tower, Haier, the United States issuing shares. backpfrontp the perspective of industry chain, the Siu Chi, Oriental Pearl Tower, Haier triangle cooperation, coverage,gym-lights including content, manufacturing, channels, including the whole industry chain. Siu Chi Gu Wei, chairman of the shares represented at the reception of institutional investors, the equity cooperative manner as the first domestic-depth cooperation, to dispel the concerns of equity interests of partners on a more stable ecosystem triangle. backpfrontp Siu Chi energy-efficient lighting has recently proposed restructuring of joint stock limited company and start the application in three new board listing.