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Sidon Lighting Will Compete For The 2015 Golden Globe Award For Engineering 'Best Product' And 'Best Project' Award--led Stadium Floodlights

Nov 25, 2016

 [text / Engineering LED Gan Qin] currently prevailing sources of thermal radiation on the serious domestic and international markets, low luminous efficiency, the led stadium light fades larger energy seriously, life is short, maintenance Higher costs of many problems. backpfrontp To solve these problems, Sidon lighting will function, appearance, quality, the combination of the overall optical efficiency, carry out series of research and development of products for consumers cost-effective, affordable, practical high power LED flood light products.Recently, lighting Sidon relevant staff, said the company will carry CEA1401 LED downlights and LED recessed downlights CED6032C / G contested Engineering 2015 Product of the Year Award. backpfrontp above the staff, LED downlights CEA1401 color temperature of 4000K, Ra \u0026 gt; 85, the whole lamp life up to 25,000 hours, high luminous efficiency, energy consumption reduced by 80% compared with incandescent light efficiency, 50% less than fluorescent. backpbackpfrontp The product uses high-performance technology of magnesium alloy radiator, cooling effect for the more than 2-fold aluminum, high structural strength, light weight, high degree of freedom in design, molding process is simple; 1000W LED flood light control unit of the product, to achieve a stable constant current to drive the LED, ultra-high efficiency, small size, high temperature, and other advantages. Above the staff. According to reports, the current international standards LED light color, even in CRI98 still under color will appear greenish yellow effect, does not meet the current mainstream commercial lighting (especially clothing) needs light color, and blackbody radiation the following white light color is more saturated colors and white rendering of the current effect is closer to CDM, CDM can completely replace traditional light sources visually. backpfrontp Sidon lighting LED tunnel light recessed downlights CED6032C / G products are completely in line with market demand, in terms of energy saving, light color personalized service, personalized fashion scenes, etc. to the user experience of technology providers illuminated environment, and has a high cost-effective. the product this year from April to August sales exceeded 60,000 units more than expected product life cycles over five years, the new value led bay light of 80 million yuan; influence market makes the company unique in the lighting industry, has become a benchmark in the field of commercial lighting business . Staff said. backpfrontp addition, Nanjing Youth Olympic International Conference Centre large public venues Sidon lighting projects completed in mid-last year, will compete for the 2015 Best Project Award in Engineering. backpbackpfrontp for the engineering, lighting design firm Grand International Design (GSDI) Select a special set of backlit LED panel lights replace the lamp, filling the whole building energy and dynamic beauty. backpfrontp above the staff, taking into account the differences in internal ceiling height, our lighting design team accordingly changed the number of dimmable Medallions diamond size and lamps, so led street lighting throughout the conference center in one go. Conference center hole size of different structured ceiling downlights to create a starry effect. backpfrontp In addition, the ceiling lamps from the outside installation, make sure the surface is not damaged ceiling. In a certain area, use the dimming system control Medallions,tennis court lights the whole ceiling is divided into different areas, so that different preset lighting scenes. backp