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Shares In The First Half Loss Of 6.55 Million Yuan Jiawei Photovoltaic Transformation Can Reverse The Trend?

Oct 12, 2016

 [text / Engineering LED lighting Zhao Hui] Since the acquisition of goods in July 2014, the time has past year, but even Jiawei shares also admits that, as of now, the product lighting still in the integration process, not yet obvious synergies related play. led flood Lighting in the first half net profit to a loss of 4.1602 million yuan ended on backpfrontp goods.  August 29, Jiawei shares (300317.SZ) released the 2015 semi-annual report. Reported in 2015 from January to June Jiawei shares revenue was 4.06 billion yuan, up 18.15%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies in a loss of 6.5517 million yuan, up sharply down 124.70 percent. backpfrontp wherein the LED business income of 334 million yuan, 82.38 percent of total revenue. backpfrontp Jiawei shares business segments Unit: million backpbackpfrontp can be seen from the above data, due to the acquisition of goods on lighting,1000W LED flood lighting business Jiawei shares revenue with greater growth. backpfrontp Jiawei shares semi-annual report spoke of the increasingly fierce competition in the LED industry, the company also continued to strengthen the strategic adjustment of the layout, on the one hand through the capital market M \u0026 A promising way to quickly cut into the profits of the photovoltaic power plant business for long-term business development of open business grow. On the other hand the existing LED business to optimize the adjustment, highlighting the advantages of business, to strengthen the North American market, LED lawn business and steadily LED lighting business, and improve the European business channels and brand building lighting domestic product. backpfrontp while Jiawei shares also LED road engineering business,high power LED flood light display business, etc. shrinkage adjustment. backpfrontp first half, Jiawei shares have been paid shares and the issuance of cash acquired Huayuan new energy sources. Before the semi-annual disclosure, Huayuan new energy equity transfer has been completed. backpfrontp Jiawei shares, said the company will have a base on the experienced team in Huayuan new energy, and the company's PV investment business strategic integration team, full use of the photovoltaic industry in the past several years of accumulation and a variety of resources, vigorously EPC photovoltaic power plant to carry out investment and business. backpfrontp It is understood that the first half of Jiawei shares has invested Zhengxiangbaiqi 20MWp photovoltaic power plant project in Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang Akto County 20MWp photovoltaic power plant EPC projects. Plus Huayuan new energy PV power plant project has been held, as well as continued investment in the future of led bay light power plant projects and acquisitions, Jiawei shares of listed companies hope that through continued financing capacity, in three to five years, to create a domestic photovoltaic one of the leading investment industry. backpfrontp Thus, in the LED market competition, we have decided Jiawei shares from the original single gym lighting business transformation both LED and photovoltaic power plant development strategy. backpfrontp in China after the acquisition of New Energy, Jiawei shares on July 8 and issued a 'significant asset restructuring suspension notice', as of now, Jiawei shares is still in suspension in.