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Shareholders Rising Star State Assets To Transform The Largest Shareholder Of Foshan Lighting

Nov 07, 2016

 [text / Engineering LED Zhao Hui] State-owned Guangdong Rising Assets Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Rising assets) gain another victory in the LED stadium light field, turned the largest shareholder of Foshan lighting. backpfrontp September 9 evening, has just announced the termination and Bain Capital (Hong Kong) Limited planning a major acquisition matters Foshan lighting and then exposed irreparably.high power led flood light Foshan Lighting announcement that the company received the largest shareholder of the company OSRAM Holdings Limited, the controlling shareholder of OSRAM GmbH (Osram Holdings Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of OSRAM GmbH) Notice: OSRAM 1000W led flood light GmbH was September 9, 2015 and the Guangdong Provincial Electronics Information Industry Group Co., Ltd. will transfer OSRAM Holdings Limited 100% stakes in the Share Purchase Agreement was signed. backpfrontp OSRAM Holdings Limited of the entire issued share capital, including 171 million A shares Osram Foshan led street Lighting Holdings Ltd. This part of the shares representing 13.47% of total share capital according to the Buddha, the acquisition price of about 2.622 billion yuan. backpfrontp This means that the largest shareholder of Foshan led tunnel Light has itself a state-owned Guangdong Rising Assets. backpfrontp which is already Rising assets following the acquisition of the country star power again Layout in LED bay light field. backpfrontp October 24 in 2014 owned subsidiary of Guangdong Rising Assets Electronic Information Industry Group invested 724 million yuan to 100% equity acquisition of the country star power Sigma former largest shareholder, thus the country star power 14.03% of the shares held by Sigma and become the largest shareholder of the issuer indirectly, while Rising assets through participation in a given country star power holdings have country star power 7.37% stake in addition,gym lights Rising company is state-owned company by the Guangdong provincial government approved the establishment. As of the evening of the outer backpfrontp September 8, Rising assets held directly at the country star power 7.48% of the shares, but also indirectly holds 12.90% of the country star power shares through a wholly owned subsidiary of subsidiary of Guangdong Province Electronic Information Industry Group. led arena light far, Rising asset has been sitting on the two LED stadium floodlight listed companies, such as the completion of the acquisition of OSRAM Holdings, Rising assets will become the largest shareholder of Foshan Lighting and country star power. backp