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Shanghai Think Twice: LED Lights Help Wisdom Wisdom Of Urban Construction---oak Led Tunnel Light

Oct 21, 2016

 [text / Engineering LED Yue Motte] LED stadium light production and research Engineering Institute (GGII) survey data show that in 2014 China's domestic street lights installed, amounting to about 3.51 million, an increase of 37%. Is expected to end in 2015, lights will be installed 4.78 million, an increase of 36%. high power LED flood lights steady growth in demand, the wisdom of the city's street wisdom as proposed is more and more enterprises to pay attention. Long-term focus on LED application technology to explore Shanghai think twice made a timely manner wisdom lights and System. backpbackpfrontp Shanghai think twice told by 'Engineering 1000W LED flood light', think twice about the wisdom of street-based systems integration and integration of multiple technologies, is a lot to think wisdom lights distributed network architecture composed of a cluster-based addition to the basic function of intelligent lighting can be realized It features a variety of systematic mode of operation. Such as air quality monitoring, temperature / humidity monitoring, noise monitoring, camera, RIFD, Wi-Fi service, billboards, emergency charger and emergency call covers a number of information collection, information transmission, information dissemination functions.  It is understood that,LED street lighting for the wisdom of street wisdom and self-developed control system, the project can achieve a variety of hardware underlying protocol interoperability; and the application of the corrugated Overlapping RFID mobile object location tracking technology; both environmental sensing perception, CPS Fusion joint operation with big data analysis techniques of pattern mining. backpfrontp fact, wisdom lighting in the LED bay light industry is still in its infancy stage, especially reconsider the wisdom of lights and systems research conducted in this project, it is involved in a handful. But think twice about the wisdom of lights and systems already have a mature technology, and enables to quantify the production, the huge economic benefits and social benefits it produces is completely predictable and that can be achieved. It is foreseeable, I think wisdom street smart city construction will play a good role in promoting. backpfrontp in 2015 Golden Globe LED tunnel light Engineering Product of the Year award competition, Shanghai think twice about the wisdom of the street will be a strong person to compete for.