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Shanghai Think Small Spacing Ultra-high Definition LED Display Help 'Wizards'

Mar 21, 2019

  LED stadium lights zhuangao Wizards are well-known American star team, superstar Michael Jordan, NBA star Yi Jianlian and other Chinese who played on this, MIC in the home stadium for our dedication more than an exciting tournament. Located in the entrance of P1.25 indoor stadium ultra high-definition LED stadium lighting display with small spacing, setting a small spacing of America Stadium indoor LED display most. Think of this screen by the effort to build Shanghai as the Wizards playoffs cheer. backpMIC stadium - think P1.25 ultra high-definition LED display backpfrontp small pitch-class stadium luxury backpfrontp MIC Center Arena is a Washington, DC, in a large arena, built in 1997, is the home of the Washington Wizards game. Because in the US capital, the stadium design show demeanor, luxuriously equipped facilities, a small pitch LED display has become the best choice for the museum to attract popular. With top-class stadium LED display, the distance between points is only equivalent to the thickness of a credit card, amazing. The screen with ultra-high-definition screen and super-close viewing distance, is used as the event forecast, the venue live events and advertising, is expected for the operator to bring a steady stream of wealth gains. backpMIC stadium - think P1.25 ultra high-definition LED screen backpfrontp think small distance into high-end sports LED display market backpfrontp American sports industry is most developed countries, a large industrial scale, business model mature, including the professional game, leisure and fitness, media, entertainment fashion and other industries. Professional Sports huge market cake, high power LED flood light display is an important part, and prosperity in professional sports markets complement each other. backp Shanghai Mercedes Benz Cultural Center - Think LED bucket type screen backpfrontp think Shanghai is a professional and high-end sports 1000W LED flood lights display solutions provider, bear the Shanghai Mercedes-Benz Cultural Center bucket type screen, full compliance with the NBA design requirements, reflects the technical strength and international perspective Shanghai think twice. backpfrontp national brand authorized backpfrontp The project originally intended to purchase DLP screens, but the relevant person in charge of Shanghai to think twice after seeing the effect of a small pitch LED high bay lights display, immediately decided to use a small pitch LED gym lights. As the project application to the very famous, had attracted internationally renowned Dakota, Mitsubishi and other brands to go bid, Shanghai think can successfully break through the heavy competition, thanks to reconsider superior product quality and technical level, reinforce the foreign markets display of China's highly recognized brand. (This article is Shanghai think Contributor) backp