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Shanghai Quality Gold Award In Shanghai, LED Industry To A New Level Of Quality Construction

Feb 15, 2017

 The Shanghai municipal government held its annual awards ceremony in Shanghai Quality Gold, vice mayor of Shanghai think twice,stadium lights including a glorious 10 award winning organizations and individuals and speeches, party secretary of the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau, Secretary Huang attended the event path. Quality Gold Award meeting courier backpfrontp the meeting,LED stadium light Vice Mayor, Mr. Glorious First of winning organizations and individuals to express warm congratulations and thank them for the Shanghai Quality system, social and economic development contribution and efforts. He pointed out that Shanghai has always attached great importance to the quality of work,high power led flood light at a critical moment in Shanghai innovation-driven transformation and upgrading of the municipal government's emphasis on quality is also further improved. For the next step, when the brilliant deputy mayor pointed out that one should build a strong foundation of quality urban development in Shanghai,1000W led flood light help Shanghai to achieve innovation-driven development, economic transformation and upgrading; second, innovation and quality wheel drive, good service Shanghai Construction Science and Technology Innovation Center has global influence; Third,gym lights we must promote the widespread recognition of the quality, so that the community understand and agree how to pay attention to the quality of the work of award-winning companies, long-term unremitting improving quality, and to achieve sustainable development through innovation and quality.  LED tunnel light industry quality construction to a new level of quality backpfrontp Shanghai implementation of government incentive system since 2002, through continuous improvement, established the Shanghai Quality Award for the city the industry benchmark for quality system model in 2012. Implementation of government quality reward system, and guide the implementation of various organizations performance management model of excellence,LED arena lights encouraging various organizations continuous improvement, continuous innovation, the pursuit of excellence, to better promote the various organizations to enhance the core competitiveness. backpfrontp as a representative of the LED industry, Shanghai think twice won the Shanghai Quality Award this is domestic LED tennis court lights brand to a new level with international brands standing shoulder to shoulder to prove, the quality of innovation will be the construction industry as a whole played a very good demonstration guiding role, which will help the LED high bay lights industry into the healthy development track. (This article is Shanghai think Contributor) backp