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Shanghai Quality Award Announced, Shanghai Reconsider The List

Nov 03, 2016

 Recently, the 2014 annual Shanghai Quality Award Announced, Electronic Engineering Ltd. Shanghai think twice, Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.,stadium lights Shanghai Electric Nuclear Power Equipment Co., Ltd., Shanghai Electric Power Design Institute, Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute, etc. 10 organizations and individuals on the list, covering all aspects of social life, including the LED stadium light, the people's livelihood, shipbuilding, pharmaceutical, power and the like. backpfrontp Shanghai Municipal Government Quality Award represents the highest honor the Shanghai quality and high level of quality management award-winning organization, economic and social benefits in the city and the country are in a leading position, with the benchmark role model.high power led flood light RAE Shanghai government-led, voluntary organizations and individuals in reporting, and orderly conduct of the relevant departments on the basis of recommendation by qualification, data assessment, site assessment, comprehensive evaluation, the Shanghai Municipal Government Quality Award Appraisal Committee and the public notice assessment, 1000W LED flood light finalized, layers of selection is extremely rigorous study, created the award of gold. annual Shanghai Municipal Government Quality Award assessment activities will lead the whole society since the formation of a mass upsurge competition, which enhance the quality awareness of the industry, improve the quality of construction of social rule of law,led tunnel light promoting the quality control system operate effectively, are of great significance,led bay light there is help to promote the rapid development of economy and society. The Shanghai Government Quality Award Shanghai think winning is definitely the LED industry as a whole level of quality construction. backpfrontp quality is a national, regional comprehensive strength of concentrated reflection, but also LED arena light industry to achieve innovation-driven development, the key RGB led flood light enterprises to enhance competitiveness. Only attaches great importance to the quality of construction, and constantly improve the quality of management, to firmly establish the quality of life that is the idea, LED street lighting industry and the socio-economic development to be able to explore a sustainable and healthy development of the new road, innovation and development, the construction of four centers and science Creative Center and make greater contributions. backp