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Shanghai ONBON Listed Three New Board Single Color Controllers Occupy The Domestic High-end Half

Apr 10, 2017

 Shanghai Yang Bang Technology Co., Ltd. successfully listed on the new board. So far, Shanghai has become ONBON Following Qi Puguang power LED stadium lights display industry, Yuanheng photoelectric, Eastar (was acquired after the termination of the joint construction of photovoltaic listing) in the fourth three new board listed companies, but also the LED stadium lighting display control system field first landing of the capital market business. backpfrontp In recent years, Shanghai Yang Bang steady and rapid development, the company single-color products has always occupied the high-end market share of the domestic half of 2015 second half ONBON full-color controller is also gradually recognized by the market, showing a rapid advance of the state. 2015 third quarter net assets has more than ninety million, in recent years the average growth rate of net assets in excess of more than 30%. High power led flood light It is understood that ONBON technology in the future will not be limited to the field of LED display control system, voted to build their autonomy in Kunshan industrial base, is for a solid foundation for future large-scale production and to enter the LED lighting industry to build.1000W LED flood lighting companies in the United States and officially apply for music three new board listing. Shenzhen City Music US Optical Co., Ltd. was formally apply for recently listed three new board, which listed materials in the country share transfer system disclosed in the October 22. Music of the United States was established in June 2009, in September 2015 to complete share reform, Yuanru Ping, Yuan Quanfeng, Yuan Yanping, Yuan Ling and Zhong together hold 80% stake in the company, is the controlling shareholder and actual controller. backpfrontp announcement shows,RGB LED flood light music of the United States in 2015 from January to June, 2014 year 2013 annual revenues were 067 million yuan, 121 million yuan and 095 million yuan; net profit was 6.0943 million yuan, 10,588,100 yuan 4.4775 million yuan. backpfrontp music beauty products majority of products for export, in 2013, 2014 and 2015 from January to June, the main business income, the export products accounting for respectively 92.96%, 90.45% and 86.17%. LED tunnel lights Thus, the operating conditions by the larger international economic environment, if the deterioration of the international economic environment, will be the company's exports have a greater impact. On the other hand,LED arena lights exchange rate fluctuations will have a certain impact on the company's operating performance. If you can not take effective measures to avoid the risk of fluctuations in exchange rates, will likely suffer a greater exchange losses. backpfrontp music beauty is mainly engaged in the development, production and sales of high-end LED street lighting applications, the host of this listing broker as Yingda Securities, legal adviser to the Guangdong Chinese Entrepreneur law firms, accounting firms Ruihua financial audit (special general partner). backp