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September 23 LED Listed Company News

Dec 14, 2016

  Dry according to optical (300102.SZ): Notice that dry according to optical receive the fifth pen Xiamen Torch Zone today grants totaling RMB 1077 million. Sum subsidy for the purchase of production subsidies RGB LED flood light blue, green wafer MOCVD equipment to offer. backpfrontp Wright (002076.SZ): September 22 evening announcement said Wright actual controller, controlling shareholder, chairman Chai Guosheng, more than 5% shareholders, directors,led stadium light vice president Chen Jianshun, directors, Chai Hua, president, director, Secretary of the Board Xian Shuzhong, planned within the next three months since starting September 23 to choose the company's stock holdings, total holdings amount not less than 30 million yuan, raised its holdings to obtain the necessary funds. backpfrontp Lehman shares (300162.SZ): announcement that the company intends to disclose material matters,stadium lights the company applies the company's stock on September 23, 2015 opening date suspended until the company by specifying the media resumption of trading after the disclosure of relevant announcement. Beneficial up (002137.SZ): Notice that the real benefits of Sept.high power led flood light 22 notified mergers and acquisitions of listed companies China Securities Regulatory Commission Audit Committee will convene a working conference recently, auditing firm to issue shares and cash to buy assets and raise matching Related Transaction major asset reorganization of funds. Company stock since September 23, 2015 opening to continue the suspension.1000W led flood light On backpfrontp Kingsun (002638.SZ): Notice that Kingsun Disclosure 'on planning a major asset restructuring suspension notice' August 29, 2015, the Company's shares on August 31, 2015 opening date for suspension. The company and related parties are actively promoting the work of this major asset reorganization involved. According to the relevant provisions of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange,led tunnel light the company's stock will continue to suspension. backpfrontp Liard (300296.SZ): Liard light due to non-public offering planning matters, the company shares have been temporarily suspended. The company will be fully accelerate the non-public offering of stock issues in the work as soon as possible to determine the final program of the non-public offering.led high bay light In order to ensure fair information disclosure, to maintain the interests of investors, to avoid abnormal stock price volatility, the company's stock will continue to suspension. backpfrontp Foshan Lighting (000541.SZ): In order to effectively fulfill the payment obligations of the Company in Guangzhou City Intermediate People's Court made the above-mentioned 'civil judgments' to determine, led arena light especially for qualified plaintiffs to take delivery of compensation matters related announcement. backpfrontp 1, please meet the conditions of the plaintiffs said in October 7, 2015 will be a copy of my ID card copies of Commercial Bank of China (in order to ensure the correspondence between the ID number and bank card,gym lights bank card must be China's ICBC bank card) delivery to Foshan Lighting Company. backpfrontp 2, plaintiff attorney on behalf of the plaintiff as to receive compensation payments, it is necessary to submit a notarized 'power of attorney' original lawyer my ID card, led street lighting a lawyer himself Commercial Bank of China card copy. backp