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Seoul Photonics Company (Viosys) UV LED Business Market Into The Universe---led Stadium Floodlight

Nov 14, 2016

 Seoul photonics company (Viosys) and American Sensor Electronic Technology, Inc. (SETi) agreed to NASA (NASA) joint industrialization on the International Space Station as Violeds biological purification technology used. backpfrontp - Violeds sterilization technology is advanced by the use of ultraviolet NASA International Space Station (ISS) on use.  UV stadium lights in the medical, polymer curing, household disinfection and purification of commercial and residential use. backpfrontp - Violeds does not produce any harmful byproducts or influence, and green. The technology is expected to expand the use of in many aspects of human life. backpfrontp the world's leading supplier of UV LED stadium light solutions, Seoul Viosys (CEO Jaejo Kim, www.seoulvisys.com) and the United States well-known short-wave ultraviolet LED pioneer and professional manufacturer of sensors Electronic Technology Company (CEO Emmanuel Lakios, www.s-et. com) signed an agreement to jointly expand the industrial and related sales reported by NASA on the International Space Station used Violeds technology. high power led flood light ISS applied Violeds ideal for long-wave technology uses UVC sterilization. The technology is conducive to all kinds of experiments confined space station and sterile environment, and ensure the safety and effectiveness of experimental crew members. ISS backpfrontp UV backp are using a microorganism containing chamber SETi Violeds instrument of NASA astronaut backpVioleds technologies (UV) has been considered in the past is harmful to humans,1000W LED flood light and in a large area of exposure is really harmful, but ultraviolet radiation on life It is also essential. Vitamin D is a health necessity, it is not provided by the food, but by the sun's ultraviolet irradiation. It is true that UV is harmful when prolonged or massive exposure; however, when you use a reliable manner, it can be used in many applications such as sterilization, water and air purification, material hardening and sensors. backpfrontp Even a small amount of fluorescent light will emit ultraviolet light, it does not have any harmful effects known. High-density exposure, such as direct flash of ultraviolet, in Europe and the United States in order to adjust the tolerance band, and is not recommended to expose a distance of 30 cm within 30 minutes or more.1000W LED flood light If you know how to use ultraviolet light in everyday life, it is not harmful ultraviolet rays, but also improve the quality of life. backpfrontp Seoul Viosys companies from the world's first near-ultraviolet Developer Technical Union, Japan NS company was founded in 2002. Distinguished nearly Viosys UV technology has been focused on the application of far ultraviolet growth potential, for the source of technology and production capacity. Seoul Viosys company has maintained a technology alliance with world-renowned far ultraviolet developer and manufacturer of the United States SETi companies.LED tunnel light UV technology cooperation and strategic alliances in the far ultraviolet SETi aspect has been more than 10 years. Focus on the research and manufacture of Seoul Viosys company already has hundreds of ultraviolet aspects related patents, is now capable of producing more than one billion devices per year. backpfrontp Seoul Viosys recently finally got control of the company's management SETi approvals from the US Department of Defense and Foreign Investment Committee, decided to SETi expand production capacity three times, for mass production. In addition, the company will expand Seoul Viosys Violeds technology related products, to minimize the mass production prices. CEO backpfrontp SETi's Emmanuel Lakios said, SETi related Violeds UV LED bay light technology has industry-leading, very pleased to be recognized by NASA and the International Space Station as its suppliers, but he also stressed that Seoul Viosys company Violedsis environmental protection We expected to be required to be sterilized is difficult to apply to disinfection of household appliances, such as automotive air conditioning and more applications. backpfrontp for his comments, the company's chief executive officer Seoul Viosys Jaejo Kim stressed that the International Space Station for disinfection purposes Violeds technology is \u0026 lsquo; Creative Economy \u0026 rsquo; a good example of a new technology will help increase employment, contribute to the development of the national economy. backpfrontp Violeds technology? Violeds is an advanced clean technology UV LED solutions company in Seoul Viosys company and a leader in the far ultraviolet SETI company achieved through cooperation, in order to provide a clean and secure global environment. Not all LED are Violeds. UVLED light bulbs will be deemed to be incorrect. UV LED arena light technology is different from other LED, except that the technology is not the human eye can see light, can affect polymer having physical properties, human health and harmful bacteria disinfection performance. backpfrontp The technology can be applied to biotechnology and medical diagnostic equipment as well as skin and other medical treatments.  * What is UV?  ultraviolet radiation than visible light in the electromagnetic spectrum (visible) short invisible light. UV (ultraviolet) means that it is in purple outside. backpfrontp * UV disinfection demand backpfrontp according to the American mainstream media and CBN TIME magazine reported that bacterial mobile phone we use every day are 10 times on the toilet seat. ABC News led street lighting has reported that the clothes washing machine can be bacterial contamination, the South Korean newspaper reported that the bacteria on the face makeup product is 22 times the insole, five handbags in a even more bacteria than the toilet. Our daily lives are not easy to get rid of bacteria. Mobile phones, washing machines, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, air conditioners and automotive air conditioning can not be sterilized by conventional cleaning with soap and water or chemicals. More UV technology can be used as an environmentally friendly, low power consumption and compact solutions for these products. Whether it is the International Space Station or at home, ultraviolet light, especially in Seoul and SETi Viosys company's Violeds technology plays a vital role in terms of disinfection and sterilization. backpfrontp * About Sensor Electronic Technology, Inc. (SETi) backpfrontp Sensor Electronic Technology, Inc. (SETi) was founded in 1999, has been the world leader in UV LED gym lights technology and continuous production more than ten years. SETi located in Columbia SC, engaged in the development, production and sales of UV LED devices, lamps and OEM subsystems. SETi services in health care, water purification, air quality, global customer instrumentation, and surface disinfection. The company offers the broadest, widest range of longwave UV LED from 245 nm to 340 nm. (This article is Seoul photoelectron contribution)