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Senior Engineer Of The Most Powerful In The History Of The Golden Globes Welcome Jury LED M God Is Here!

Feb 17, 2017

 [text / Engineering LED Gan Qin] as an annual event in the LED stadium lights industry, Engineering industry Golden Globe Award activities caused great concern, the process has gone through the previous stages of business registration,led stadium lighting to to voting phase micro-channel real-name industry, various companies are currently in full use of fan power circle of friends, and actively canvassing in. backpfrontp next third stage would be the assessment team blockbuster Engineering high power LED flood light, this stage (Oct. 27 - Nov. 5) by the expert jury voting results of the real-name micro-channel voting, to produce a final shortlist ( micro-channel accounted for 70% vote, the jury voted 30 per cent).During this period, the organizing committee determines Engineering 1000W LED flood lights micro letter mailed to the jury voting results finalists (good product category to generate test data shortlist), after the judges vote sealed and mailed back to the Organizing Committee. within in creating a fair, just and open the industry's most authoritative chief contest, the Golden Globe Award aimed at the industry's best and latest products and technologies,LED tunnel lights which will undoubtedly also contributed to the year's jury became the focus of the industry. Taking into account Golden Globe this year the whole industry chain and multi-field nature, 2015 Golden Globes Engineering committee leaders to those skilled in the invitation to all the awards in the industry, and ultimately the jury by the midstream device enterprise CTO (16 names) led gym lighting applications downstream enterprise CTO (24 name), power supply enterprise CTO (8 name), decoration and engineering lighting designers, dealers (20) component. More than 68 comprehensive coverage of the various segments of the powerful lineup of the jury, the Golden Globes enough to highlight the high gold content of Engineering. backpfrontp year review process is different from all the judges of this year's jury will visit the site,led tennis court lights in the fourth stage of the shortlisted companies on-site PK session, the jury will be named live scoring final winners, winning entries will be the most credible, final presented to the industry. backpfrontp would look forward to 12 December lively bar scene of the Golden Globe awards, a total of 68 judges invite you to visit the scene to witness this important moment! backpfrontp Click for judges backp