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Sen Shares Crystal Up To Improve The Industrial Chain Development

Nov 09, 2016

 [text / Engineering LED Yue Motte] September 10 evening, the domestic stadium lights faucet Linsen (002745.SZ) announced that intends to invest 180 million yuan of its own funds to develop equity crystal lighting (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the development of the grain), acquire 10.91% stake in the development of grain through the capital increase. Statistics show that the development of the grain is China Electronics Group to build the core platform Chaobaiyi LED industry chain, is one of the Fujian provincial government confirmed the LED stadium light industry leading enterprises, business scope covers all LED epitaxial wafers, chip, package module, lighting applications industry chain, with fast response, low overall supply chain cost advantages. Positioned as a total solution provider of high power LED flood light crystal to develop Taiwan Epistar advanced epitaxial chip technology, the number of patent applications, and introduced the industry's leading cloud automation MOCVD system. (Shares developed crystal) primarily in order to obtain the right to use their patent white chips. Linsen secretaries Nai to 'Engineering LED' confirmed the move but also to further improve the whole industry chain layout of the company. Announcement shows, a subsidiary of S \u0026 P has developed crystal Huarui to $ 130 million acquisition of 100% stake in the US BridgeLux (Puri), also won the right to use patents Puri. Linsen is now the world's top ten scale (1000W LED flood light business), and many finished products are sold overseas, patented layout of Linsen, is also an increasingly important part of the German photovoltaic power Ye Guoguang, deputy general manager think, but precisely because of the development of grain acquisition the Puri, the latter patent in the United States the importance of self-evident mulinsen. However,led bay light insiders say that, where the patent is just one of the reasons Sen shares developed crystals, perhaps more important reason is to ensure that the chip supply company itself. Insiders do not want to be anonymous, said business must do with Linsen super cheap psychological preparation. Sen also clear some of their chip suppliers for cheap veiled criticisms. Therefore, (Sen) stake in the development of the crystal, one Chinese and its relationship with Epistar (Epistar crystal is one of the developers of shareholders), said industry insiders told the 'Engineering LED tunnel light, secondly, in some On the new process requires chip suppliers for their support and cooperation, but also to prevent the chip supply is not timely situation. After Linsen obtain 10.91% stake in the development of the grain, it will become the third largest shareholder of the development of grain, behind Shenzhen Kaifa Technology Co., Ltd. (38.67%), Epistar (35.15%), the other two shareholders of billion crowns crystal (Fujian) Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. (7.91%), Country led street Lighting (BVI) Co., Ltd. (6.15%). So, Linsen meets to hold 10.91% stake in the development of crystal? Laiai Mei said that depends on the company and the future development of bilateral crystal actual development, in order to have the next step. backp