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Sanan Optoelectronics Overweight IC Chau Ming Technology Reorganization Into The Review Stage

Feb 09, 2017

 An optical three (600,703), Oct. 15 announcement that SanAn owned subsidiary of the Company,stadium lights the Company holds a 65% stake in SanAn.  Sanan Group borrowings to shareholders 140 million yuan, annual interest rate of 1.20%, amortization payments, a total of ten years period. backpfrontp National Development Fund Co., Ltd. invested 140 million yuan to increase the proportion of Sanan Group 0.62%, the funds for investment in the three security IC projects, Sanan Group paid annual National Development Fund Limited 1.2% return on investment. The Sanan loan help supplement the funds needed,LED stadium light saving the cost of financial expenditure, have a positive impact on the company's current and future financial position and operating results. backpfrontp Chau Ming Technology (300232), Oct. 15 announcement that the company intends to disclose material matters because China Securities Regulatory Commission audit committee of listed companies merger and reorganization will be held a working meeting today,high power led flood light the audit company issued shares to buy assets and raise matching funds Related Transaction matter. backpfrontp According to relevant regulations, the company's application, the company stock since October 15, 2015 opening date suspended until the company received the China Securities Regulatory Commission audit results of listed companies merger and reorganization audit committee resume trading after the announcement. 1000W LED flood light joint construction of photovoltaic (300,269), Oct. 15 announcement that, due to planning major events, there are still uncertainties related matters, the company stock since June 30, 2015 opening date for suspension. Stock suspension time since June 30, 2015 a total of not more than six months.  Since the stock suspension, the company and related parties to actively promote the work of this restructuring. After a detailed program of communication and cooperation with a number of target companies,Led tunnel lights combined basis after the initial due diligence on the target company eventually four companies included in the restructuring matters. Date of this announcement, the two sides have reached a cooperation intention on share transfer issues, the relevant agencies have been stationed in the target company, the target company's due diligence, audit, evaluation work is being stepped forward. Company did not apply for an extension or an extension resumption resumption application without consent,LED high bay light the company's stock will be December 30, 2015 to resume trading, and since the company's stock within six months from the date of resumption of trading is no longer planning a major asset reorganization.Jiawei shares (300,317), Oct. 15 announcement that the company recently received a wholly owned subsidiary of Jia Wei (Shanghai) Photovoltaic Power Company Limited notification, its subsidiary holding company Heze Tepper New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., has completed a Wu Tepper 40MWp photovoltaic hybrid agricultural-related filing the photovoltaic power plant projects and construction projects in Shandong Province Chengwu Development and Reform Bureau issued the registration certificate. led tennis court lights invest in the development and operation of photovoltaic power plants as the main business of the target company at this stage, for the record success of the project is the company's first self-developed agricultural photovoltaic hybrid power plant project, for the development and follow-up PV power plant construction company has positive significance. backp