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Sanan Optoelectronics Capital Mystery! Borrowers Also Took The Subsidy Is Sorts?

Mar 03, 2017

 With the continuous promotion of LED lighting applications, but also led to the rapid growth of the upstream LED stadium lights industry, LED chip is a field in which, three optical LED chip as a domestic leader, has been the focus of the industry, its capital more It is a mystery. Recently, the three safety photoelectric have a lot of news. backpfrontp 1, Gordon richest backpfrontp October 15, Hoogewerf Institute released 2015 Hurun. Hurun in the rankings, three Security Group Lin Xiucheng, Zhiqiang father and son leapt to 34 billion yuan of assets Fujian's richest man, whose wealth increased by 127% over the previous year, ranked 43 in the country, ranking up 35 bit. backpfrontp 2, get subsidies backpfrontp Sanan Optoelectronics September 30 announcement that the company's wholly-owned subsidiary of the Fujian Jing An Optical Co., Ltd. 30th Anxi County Finance Bureau received allocated three technology funds total 170 million yuan of financial subsidies for promoting the development of Anxi County, high power LED flood lights optoelectronic industry chain. backpfrontp 3, massive borrowing backpfrontp October 15 message, the three safety photoelectric approved the proposal subsidiaries Xiamen Sanan IC Co., Ltd. to its shareholders Fujian Sanan Group Co. borrowings. led stadium lighting Sanan Optoelectronics announcement said the Sanan owned subsidiary of the Company, the company holds a 65% interest in Sanan. Sanan to shareholders Fujian Sanan Group Limited loan 140 million yuan, annual interest rate of 1.20%, amortization payments, a total of ten years period. National Development Fund Co., Ltd. invested 140 million yuan to increase the proportion of Sanan Group 0.62%, high power led flood lights three-year pay National Security Group Development Fund Limited 1.2% return on investment. backpfrontp 4, continued expansion backpfrontp three optical 32 new MOVCD gradually put into operation, will promote the second half of the revenue growth quarter by quarter, a conservative calculation of annual revenue growth is expected to reach 2 billion. The remaining 68 sets of MOCVD will be commissioned in 2016, we hope to promote the 16-year earnings growth of 40%. Latest Announcement 126 million acquisition of Air Products and Chemicals (AP) (Wuhu) 100% equity and Air Products and Chemicals (Shanghai), 11 ISO containers,1000W led flood light to further strengthen the capacity of upstream raw materials. backpfrontp 5, three optical semiconductors backpfrontp will gallium arsenide and gallium nitride III-V semiconductors as the core to create the integrated circuit industry, the issuance of the proposed annual plan and an annual output of 300,000 GaAs 60,000 GaN6 inch production line. RGB led flood light Currently Sanan 5000 / month GaAs first phase has already begun trial production, mass production is expected in the next year, GaN production line equipment also gradually put in place. backpfrontp 6, IC backpfrontp three optical subsidiaries Xiamen Sanan IC Co., Ltd. to its shareholders Fujian Sanan Group Co., Ltd. loan 140 million yuan, the National Development Fund Ltd. to support the three Anji Cheng Business Development and Sanan Group consensus, therefore, the National Development Fund Co., Ltd. invested 140 million yuan to increase the proportion of Sanan Group 0.62%. LED tunnel lights The funds for investment in the three security IC projects, help supplement the Sanan funds needed to save expenditure finance charges, have a positive impact on the current and future financial position and operating results. backpfrontp 7, optical communication optical communication backpfrontp three safety photoelectric optoelectronic chip is another great potential of growth,LED gym lights is expected to start contributing hundreds of millions of revenue in 2016. An optical three electronic communications in cooperation with the Shanghai Institute of Aerospace equipment, is currently working to develop and promote a variety of integrated circuit applications in the field of indoor and outdoor LED arena light intelligent lighting Communication (LiFi) products, vehicle networking systems products, photoelectric intelligent monitoring products, in optical communications field has taken a solid step forward. backp