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Ruifeng Electric Third Quarter Net Revenue To Double Down Trying To Take Advantage Of Capital Markets Re-layouts

Mar 28, 2017

 Ruifeng power LED stadium lights zhuangao (300,241), October 26 third-quarter report. During the reporting period the company achieved total revenue of 229 million yuan, 17.49% decrease over the previous year; attributable to ordinary shareholders of listed companies net profit of 5,967,300 yuan, 68.97% decrease over the previous year. backpfrontp According to the report, Ruifeng power three quarters of 2015, total operating income of 692 million yuan, an increase of 0.51% over the previous year, attributable to ordinary shareholders of listed companies net profit of 27.625 million yuan, less than in the previous year 31.25%. backpfrontp reports that since the LED stadium lighting source with energy saving, long life, easy integration, fast response, environmental benefits and other advantages, along with green, promote energy-saving concept of low-carbon life, energy saving products increasingly social importance, governments are on the high power LED flood light development and replacement of the light source to make the planning and support, therefore increasing popularity of LED products, rapid growth in demand. backpfrontp Currently, LED packaging industry has attracted all kinds of social capital to enter the number of LED packaging company increased year by year, and with the 1000W LED flood light industry companies raise investment projects put into production, production capacity continues to release, will intensify competition in the domestic packaging industry. backpfrontp It is understood, LED packaging industry is not only a capital-intensive industry, it is a technology-intensive industry, packaging technology products directly determine the luminous flux, luminous efficiency and heat resistance and other technical indicators to determine the level of product quality, thereby affecting the company's market status. backpfrontp 2015 of LED tunnel light industry competition continues to intensify, while accelerating industry consolidation, mergers and acquisitions industry to seize the opportunity, the company intends to acquire the remaining 85% stake in Shenzhen Ling Tao Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., into the small and medium size LCD backlight LED arena lights segments, currently The China Securities Regulatory Commission approved the pending acquisition. backpfrontp report shows that after Ruifeng power market, with the implementation of investment projects, the company's assets, operations, organization and personnel have been further expansion, allowing the company to enhance the management level to face greater challenges. backpfrontp face of fierce competition in the industry, Ruifeng power taken to strengthen internal management and control related costs, acquisition-related industry chain enterprises and other measures will continue in the future Ruifeng power LED high bay light industry chain, bigger and stronger, and actively seek new strategic layout, with the capital market bigger and stronger. backp