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Ruifeng Electric Intends To 200 Million Yuan To Buy 85% Stake Ling Tao Optoelectronics Year The Total Net Profit Of Not Less Than 90 Million Yuan

Jan 09, 2017

 Ruifeng power (300,241) September 27 evening announcement,LED stadium lights the company intends to issue shares and cash to buy a combination of Wang Wei rights CONTINUING together hold Shenzhen Ling Tao Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Ling Tao Optoelectronics) 85% stake and intends to actual controller Gong Weibin, TCL, Wen investment, Hai Tong set by the 2nd target asset management plans non-public offering of shares to raise matching funds, in addition to the cash used to pay for the price of the transaction and the transaction related additional costs, LED stadium lighting the remaining companies to raise funds used to supplement working capital. Overall assessment backpfrontp Ling Tao Optoelectronics 100% equity value 237,647,800 yuan, value-added rate of 192.48 percent. Ling Tao Optoelectronics 85% stake valued at 202,000,600 yuan, through friendly consultations parties to the transaction,high power led flood light to determine the transaction price of the underlying asset is 200 million yuan. Wherein the amount of the price of shares accounting for 53% of the total transaction price of shares on the price of 10,600 yuan, according to this share issue price of 9.08 yuan / share calculation, the total demand release 1167.4 million shares. Matching funds raised 200 million yuan, according to 9.08 yuan / share calculation, the company needs to issue not more than 2202.64 million shares. backpfrontp Ling Tao Optoelectronics shareholder commitment,1000W LED flood light the company 2015,2016,2017 audited net profit after deducting non-recurring gains and losses for the performance targets, including: the 2015 performance targets of not less than 27 million yuan, the 2016 performance targets not less than 30 million yuan, from 2015 to 2017 a total of not less than 90 million years. backpfrontp Upon completion of this transaction, the company 2014 annual caliber pro forma operating income, gross profit and net profit before transactions have a more substantial upgrade.led tunnel lights 2014 annual operating income growth compared with previous trading 140.6349 million yuan, total profit before transaction growth of 22.4915 million yuan, net profit attributable to owners of the parent company before the transaction growth compared with 18.8876 million yuan. backpfrontp Ruifeng power and the target company belong Ling Tao Optoelectronics LED packaging industry. Through this transaction, Ruifeng power to consolidate and strengthen its position in the field of LED high bay light; both sides of the technical staff can learn by sharing, joint development, cross-domain integration, etc., to further improve product performance, accelerate product upgrading and enhance competitive advantage; through The transaction, the listed company will be deep integration in technology, marketing, management and finance; after the transaction is completed, Ling Tao Optoelectronics multifaceted and Ruifeng power may be formed in supplier procurement channels,led arena lights customers, sales channels, etc. complementary. backpfrontp the first half of 2015 the company achieved revenues of 460 million yuan, up 13%; net profit of 21.66 million yuan owned by the parent, an increase of 3%; the mother deduction of non-normalized net profit of 18.09 million yuan, an increase of 9%. Growth performance was mainly due to: 1, LED gym lights market continues to expand, the company actively expand cooperation with well-known companies to achieve a rapid growth of 18%. 2, the company through the development of new large-size backlight LED customers, revenues maintained a slight increase of 4%. During the reporting period gross profit decreased by 2%, mainly LED lighting market competition, lower prices due to LED lighting. backp