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Roots In The Taiwan Market To Bring Local Businesses To Expand GE LED Lights Supply Chain

Aug 07, 2019

 San Diego City installed GE Evolve? LED stadium lights Avery Street Dreams? Post Top Lamps, with Light Grid? outdoor wireless control system, to replace the original 3,000 high pressure sodium lamp. backpfrontp LED lighting technology in recent years developed very quickly, closely affects the definition and application of global illumination, and has extensive experience in lighting GE Lighting, and always adhere to excellence in lighting technology and the concept of peer-green concept plans to wisdom lighting technology integration, to lead a new wave of street lighting changes. backpfrontp American singular lighting deep roots in Taiwan for many years, in Taiwan National Road II, five One Young State Road 74 and 64 fast roads and other well-known traditional street lighting project execution, so the product quality persist, working class construction quality master, follow-up maintenance service has high specifications and experience. With the lighting industry from the traditional lighting into LED era, singular emphasis on the lighting industry has never changed, because the lighting is singular in this industry, the creation of more than one century has always been thought that humans develop high-efficiency energy-saving light, lamps and complete lighting solutions for mission accumulated profound experience and technology, and the first one visible LED stadium lighting also invented by a bizarre laboratory, singular convinced that LED will light up the world of the future! expect to be able to implement more green concept LED products, we are committed to create a better world and work. lighting technology development backpfrontp wisdom tends to integrate technology, big data and intelligence technology has been widely used in lighting. Currently GE Lighting has successfully developed software LightGrid and Predix wisdom street lighting system, which will become part of the global smart city development and construction. As the most advanced lighting system, LightGrid into the many breakthrough features, such as measurement, energy management, central wireless control, brightness control, data acquisition and communications and security features. Meanwhile, GE company is developing the LED street lighting as a carrier positioning system, the system is expected to bring a huge market for value customers. backpfrontp Taiwan is known as the island of science and technology reputation, Taiwanese high power LED stadium lights manufacturers in many excellent products and technology continues to introduce new, innovative ideas coincide with GE. With GE three competitive advantages: a complete product line, world-class operations management and more than 150 sales offices worldwide, and accumulate a large amount of performance experience, hoping that more of Taiwan outstanding lighting manufacturers to provide high-quality products, together with Taiwan's industrial chain manufacturers into the international market. backp