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Rickettsia Efficient Power Can Compete Waterproof LED Power Engineering Golden Globes---led Stadium Floodlights

Nov 25, 2016

 [text / Engineering LED Gan Qin Recently, the general manager of the division to be Rickettsia power LED Engineering Breaking The Branches of the organizing committee said the Golden Globes, the company will bring highly efficient power waterproof LED stadium light Driver Power Engineering contested 2015 annual Technology Innovation Award. backpfrontp According to reports, the product uses advanced PFC + LLC + synchronous rectifier isolation scheme, which, PFC level control ON using the high power led flood lights latest integrated chip CCM mode NCP1654 PFC controller. This chip overcomes the early disadvantage DCM PFC controller chip, and adds some new features to improve the efficiency and reliability of the PFC stage circuit work, greatly improved EMI, reducing the interference on the power grid. Products in the second stage uses a patented latest LLC ST controller chip L6599AT, the chip is early L6598,1000W led flood light L6599 improved version of its own with a patented high-voltage integrated DMOS structure to replace the outer side to the high-speed recovery diode driver capacitor charging power supply. This not only reduces costs, but also improve the reliability of the product. Breaking The Branches of representation. In addition, the output stage using SYNC's latest patent USPatented Synchronous Rectifier synchronous rectification control chip SP6018,led bay lights the chip itself using the prediction logic circuit theory. IC Prediction previous cycle time of the algorithm, the adjustment off-time control SR cycle, led tunnel lights in order to achieve maximum efficiency and to avoid cross conduction. the product ultra-high efficiency, compact housing design, good heat dissipation, which greatly improved the reliability of the product, and has a very high price. Comprehensive protection, including over-voltage protection, short circuit protection and over-temperature protection, is to ensure the accessibility of this product operation. backpfrontp 480W LED power supply, input voltage range 90-305Vac, and with ultra-high power led gym light factor. Breaking The Branches said that this series can be used in plant lights, pole lamp, stage lighting, large venues and led street lighting. backp