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Research On New Materials With Perovskite Preparing High-performance LED US

Jan 21, 2019

frontp from United States Florida State University research team developed a new type of light-emitting diode (LED), using an organic - inorganic hybrid material that can produce cheaper, brighter lights and displays. Assistant Professor backpfrontp physical Hanwei Gao (transliteration: High Han Wei) and associate professor of chemical engineering BiwuMa (transliteration: Mabi Wu) is using a class of materials known as perovskites organometallic halide to make a high-performance LED stadium lights. They will study published in the 'advanced materials' magazine. backpfrontp earlier work found that the perovskite may be a promising material in the production of high power LED flood light , the high Han Wei said. However, its performance has not yet reached fully demonstrated potential. We believe there is significant room for improvement. backpfrontp In the past, other researchers have experimented with a perovskite production LED stadium floodlights, but they can not make a particularly efficient. High Han Wei and Mabi Wu believes that if appropriate adjustment formula, the organic - inorganic mixture to make LED high bay lights for better performance. backpfrontp When we think of this type of material, we know that it should have better performance, Mabi Wu said. We propose a new approach to address some key issues in order to produce a high-performance 1000W LED flood light. After several months after backpfrontp by synthetic chemical properties of materials and equipment to control the experiment works fine tuning device structure, they eventually produce beyond the expected high performance LED. The material is exceptionally bright. backpfrontp been measured at the driving voltage of 12V, the luminous intensity of 10,000 candela per square meter. Generally speaking, on the computer screen, the luminous intensity of 400 candela per square meter LED gym lights had been bright enough. backpfrontp this extraordinary brightness depends largely on such a surface treatment, highly crystalline nanomaterials inherent high luminous efficiency, high Han Wei said. Production backpfrontp this material quickly and easily. In the laboratory, high Mabi Wu Han Wei and about an hour to make out of this material, about half of the time will be able to create a complete device and test. backpfrontp In addition, although the bare mixed perovskites unstable in moist air, but perovskite nanostructures due to the surface chemistry of its specially designed, but it has good stability. Such chemical stability to a large extent reduce the production of this new type of LED's facility requirements in the future for cost-effective production of great benefit. This research has made crucial progress backpfrontp on LED airport  lights technology, which is rapidly becoming reduce power consumption channels. Although there are a variety of LED lighting products sold on the market, but because of the cost of materials and related quality problems led to the popularity of LED stadium lighting slowly. backpfrontp However, LED lights save energy is an indisputable fact. According to the US Department of Energy, Residential LED lighting than regular incandescent energy saving at least 75%. backpfrontp if you can produce a low-cost, high-performance LED tennis court lights, everyone will go to select it, Mabi Wu said. For the industry, our method has a big advantage, because you can very economical way to enrich the material on Earth can be processed to produce this material. backpfrontp their work partners also include focusing on LED technology research assistant professor of industrial and manufacturing engineering Zhibin Yu (transliteration: in Zhibin), and assistant professor of chemistry Kenneth Hanson (Kenneth \u0026 middot; Hansen), he was the paper's co-author. backpfrontp high Han Wei and Mabi Wu and Kenneth \u0026 middot; Hansen are energy and raw materials in the strategic recruitment program hired 11 new faculty members, research Associate Vice President W.Ross Ellington said. The current work, as well as other recent publications show through joint efforts of the expected synergies are realized. backp