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Requirements For The Other Three Kinds Of Lighting Design

Dec 23, 2020

Requirements for the other three kinds of lighting design

Lighting of flower beds

1. For flower beds on the ground level, the so-called magic valley type lamps are used to illuminate downwards. The lamps are often placed in the center or edge of the flower beds. The height of the lamps depends on the height of the flowers;

2. Commonly used light sources include incandescent lamps, compact fluorescent lamps, metal halide lamps and LED light sources, and use light sources with a relatively high color rendering index.

Decorative lighting of statues

1. The number and arrangement of lighting points depend on the type of illuminated target;

2. Determine the location of the lamp according to the location of the illuminated target and its surrounding environment:

a. For lighting targets located in the center of grass or open space in isolation, the lamps should be as flush as possible with the ground to maintain the surrounding appearance;

b. If it is located on the base, the lamp should be placed in a far place to avoid shadows on the bottom of the illuminated target due to the occlusion of the base;

c. If the target located on the base is close to pedestrians, the lamp should be fixed on the public lighting pole or the facade of the nearby building.

3. For statues, always photograph the subject of the face and the front of the image. When choosing the irradiation direction, avoid shadows on the statue's face;

4. For some sculptures, the color of the light must be coordinated with the color of the sculpture material.

Waterscape lighting

1. Lighting of still water and lakes: lamps can illuminate the scene on the shore and can form reflections on the water; objects on the opposite shore can be illuminated by floodlights immersed in the water; for dynamic water surfaces, floodlights can be used to directly illuminate the water surface ;