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Reject The Acquisition Of European Lighting Giant Sony Source Of Foreign Orders In The First Half Exceeded 400 Million--oak Led Flood Light

Oct 07, 2016

August 26, the Moscow Energy Board and his party stadium lights, intends to cooperate less than one billion dollars in orders! We bid farewell to a number of customers in the UK, the Sichuan Sony source Co., Ltd. President Zhang wrote in notepad next task to negotiate and marked on the back of a heavy sentence of three exclamation points. In June of this year, Sichuan Investment Group Investment Holdings can Sony light, Sony marriage after the light source has become the dominant state-owned, market-oriented management of mixed ownership of high-tech enterprises. Stronger financial support so that Sony source overcome market short board, only August 10 to usher in the wave of merchants from the United Kingdom, Italy, Malaysia, Switzerland and other countries to discuss cooperation in the first half of this year, the company more than four million trade orders led stadium light, year is expected to achieve the goal of quadrupling. Zhang said. Founded only 11 years of lighting product development, production enterprises, rely on the lighting industry giants broke the monopoly of the West? Technology innovation is the secret of it. A light source developed by the Sony intelligent lighting control system will be on sale in September. Future, relying on the core of innovative technology, Sony light industrial layout will be aiming Agriculture lighting field, it is expected to 1--2 years to achieve industrial development. Distribution of foreign market sales average annual growth of 20% to Sony source who visit, will be taken to a hall, in the light seems to be a hodgepodge of the Treasury, after the lights is another wonderful world: the original messy floor cards, wall high power led flood light, arts and crafts as well as paintings, all trace of fluorescence. In the case of the humble underground lights Arrow logo, now exudes green fluorescence, follow them, you can go to the door. One hall has also been stepped fluorescence wrapped, if not turn on the lights on the stairs do not groping forward. These are not illuminated electricity equipment, they are light, because the use of a Sony source developed core technology \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; rare earth phosphor technology. The official use of the world's first AC LED lighting technology not only effective solution to even the world lighting industry giants can not overcome the bottleneck \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; AC LED strobe problem 1000W led flood light, but also improve the LED product life. Zhang introduction, this technology allows China to become the only country in the world to master the low strobe AC LED products through the production of rare earth phosphors. A new generation of AC LED lighting energy-saving lamps energy-saving than the average 50%, while consumption of traditional incandescent only 1/8 ~ 1/10. When this technology has just successfully developed a lighting giant Europe to find Zhang, we hope to use € 200 million acquisition of Sony light, but Zhang refused, he wanted to own distribution in foreign markets, target direction concentrated in North America, Europe, South America and other regions . Few years, sales of the company in foreign markets at an annual growth rate of 20%,RGB led flood light the proportion of the company's total sales also increased every year. Statistics show that in the first half of this year, the company trade orders on more than 4 million. In June of this year, Sichuan Investment Group Investment Holdings can Sony light, but also for the development of Sony source into a powerful vitality, only August 10 to usher in the wave of merchants from the United Kingdom, Italy, Malaysia, Switzerland and other countries to discuss cooperation, year is expected to achieve quadruple trade orders, total sales abroad grew 30% target. He said Zhang Mingxin heart full. More than 900 active patents and constantly enhance the core competitiveness and continuous technological innovation is the source of power Sony source development led arena light, but also with the world's lighting giant Sony source of the lung power to grab the market. Zhang told reporters, Sony source adhere to the implementation of intellectual property strategy to own intellectual property rights and technical standards, independent brand development of the company as an innovative concept, the patented technology as a core long-term competitiveness. As of August this year, Sony source has applied for patents in more than more than 900 pieces, per capita number of patents over two, ranking first in the domestic industry, and in the United States, Japan, Korea, Canada, Brazil, the European Union, nearly 20 countries and regions the formation of a patent and trademark layout. In Zhang seems, once with innovative technology, Sony source won the core competitiveness, according to a new innovative technology will fly into ordinary people's homes in the next month: LED bulb vertical drop in the ground, we can continue unscathed use; the way home through the phone APP rotation button, home can have a room warm welcome; get up in the morning, accompanied by pleasant music, you can simulate the rising sun from weak to forcing you wake up \u0026 hellip; \u0026 hellip; the Sony intelligent lighting control system developed by the light source in Chengdu in September this year will be available, and the price is not expensive and easy to operate into people's ordinary lives. Zhang told reporters. It is reported that the upcoming meeting with the people of Chengdu product system is actually very simple to use led bay light, directly to the home, you can replace the old bulb. In the use of the new bulb packaging before scanning the two-dimensional code, you can download the intelligent lighting control system, then the phone can be achieved through the intelligent home to enjoy, according to the weather cold, you can adjust the brightness and color of light, warm winter on the use of yellow, green cool summer tune, and even enjoy the sunshine in Sanya and Hawaii sunbathing at home. In addition to the family, this system is also very suitable for corporate office. Reporters on the staff demonstrate phone APP see above PPT mode, meeting mode discuss relax mode, business mode \u0026 hellip; \u0026 hellip;'ll add any pattern according to their individual needs setting. In the intellectual property rights on the way, Sony source also want to go further, agriculture lighting is an important part of the future. Sony source of illumination system will automatically determine plant growth environment (including natural light, moisture, nutrients gym lights, temperature, humidity, etc.) to carry out precise emission spectrum configuration. Zhang told reporters that the company has conducted a plant in the northeast of greenhouse fill light experiments and successfully cultivate cherries and other fruits and vegetables in addition to this new technology in the next 1 - 2 years to achieve industrial development, industrial scale is expected to millions.