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Reiter: Three New Board Let Us Grow Faster And Better---led Stadium Floodlights

Oct 29, 2016

 Successfully landing three new board Leiter artificially 832,110 this group belongs to their digital cheers. National SME share transfer system is known as China's Nasdaq is following the Shanghai Stock Exchange, Shenzhen Stock Exchange,stadium lights the third national stock exchanges. Known to enter the new three-panel market enterprises, need numerous checkpoints, after a series of stringent review in order to ultimately win. And Leiter started from the listing to the successful listing, only a short period of three and a half months. Leiter was able to quickly landed three new board, because,Led stadium light as a day to adhere to the production, operation and management practices of more than ten years. This happened confirms the old saying: Opportunities will always be those who are prepared. Usually get the job done, when the opportunity comes, will be able to move faster.Opportunity has prepared pro-Lai Hamlet backpfrontp 2014 August Reiter began brewing in-house joint-stock reform. The starting point for internal reforms is to improve the standard of corporate governance,high power led flood light and establish a competitive mechanism, equity incentives to promote the healthy development of enterprises. In the joint-stock restructuring process, Reiter hear counsel refers to three new board listed things. Lawyers believe Leiter in the financial statements, on the general terms of all aspects of the specification are very good,1000W led flood light can be listed on the new board. Get professional evaluation and recognition, greatly encouraged the Hamlet, to the idea of three new board listed quietly sprouted.Reiter began to think the new board and Leiter. An enterprise market, not only implies the need to standardize the system, which takes the company exposure under the public eye, for enterprises undoubtedly a severe test. But the company has listed company signs, in the future the market will have a trump card,led bay light with the opportunity of financing, able to quickly allow enterprises to make the pie bigger. In the share transfer system listed is conducive to further improve the corporate governance structure of Hamlet, enhance the management level,led bay light enhance the brand influence, improve the incentive mechanism, stability and attract talented people, expand financing channels, enhance core competitiveness, in line with the long-term Reiter development plan.Reiter after the idea of sort, began to understand the relevant government departments and brokerage consulting, they are also on the conditions of the various aspects of Hamlet spoke highly of and affirmation. Brokerage firms, accounting firms, law firms, government departments think Leiter management practices in place, which also gave Leite Mo big confidence. Under such a chance, Leiter had to share the changes internally, and ran directly into the new board fully advance. backpfrontp system specification is the best pass backpfrontp listed companies is a complex financial engineering and systematic work. In order to ensure the success of the market,led arena light companies will first comprehensive analysis of the problem, a comprehensive study carefully out advice to meet the whole team start listing job after getting a clear answer.Enterprise IPO of up to hundreds of key issues, and especially in the domestic environment this particular, many private enterprises widespread financial, tax, legal, corporate governance, history and other historical issues, and a lot of problems in post-processing The difficulty will be quite large, these companies Jingzhe Yao cited numerous problems. In addition, after the joint-stock company for listing must undergo restructuring before they can apply for listing matters, and this process is relatively long, additional information will be outdated before the financial statements, we must start again. But change happens in the late Everett joint-stock companies listed three new board learned of this matter, so put the share reform and the new board listed things combined, simultaneously. Because a lot of ready information can be common, thus saving a lot of time, plus Leiter has been able to achieve more than 10 years to standardize their operations, the report is clear, thus reducing the need to do a lot of preparatory work. Reiter listed in the preparation phase, brokerage firms, accounting firms, law firms, government departments have given great support and help, through the preparatory group members listed Reiter joint efforts, eventually listed ripe.  From October 2014 until the beginning of March 9, 2015, tennis court light after four months, the process subtracts the middle of the Chinese New Year holiday, actually only three and a half months, Reiter quickly through the approval, an official in the three new board listing. backpfrontp leveraging the development of sailing backpfrontp three new board, such as a golden key, opened the door to success. Three new board listing is Hamlet bigger and stronger, to achieve leapfrog development of major strategic initiatives, the event has become a milestone in the history of Everett's, wedding. After the listing, Reiter completed a huge change, whether it is business or management philosophy, with subversive changes on the front panel. backpfrontp nearly six months now Leiter listed, so the identity of the listed company, has given Reiter has brought significant positive change and multifaceted. The leadership of the various government departments concerned to support more, and give more advice and business development support;gym lights Leiter attract high-end talent is easier than ever. Before listing the company is a team of 60 people, now increased to 120, just six months time staff expansion doubled. R \u0026 D increased from one sector to the development of three sectors. More management and technical personnel will have joined the ranks of Hamlet. backpfrontp Today, partners and customers confidence in Everett significantly increased the volume of business surge, the initiative needs to come to cooperation strength of the lighting business more. Leiter has just recently completed with a lighting industry giants cooperation projects; cooperation with another lighting large enterprises have also entered the operational phase; there are still a number of famous domestic lighting companies are approached with Rett cooperation projects. Since backpfrontp six months, Reiter's product line has become more diversified.listing of LED controllers from a single product line, adding smart power product line, while providing intelligent control and power-driven accessory products for the lighting business, to provide customers with comprehensive one-stop solution for customers to save a lot of time and money. Reiter was founded in July backpfrontp beads Hailei Tin Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the major R \u0026 D and sales of smart home products, marking Reiter sounded the clarion call to enter the smart home. backpbackpfrontp Now, with the Internet, the development of cloud computing technology and the popularity of smartphones, things have begun to take shape, smart home products started to enter the lives of ordinary people. People through home networking technology to connect various devices together to enhance the smart home, security, convenience, comfort, and to achieve environmentally friendly energy. Smart home products have broad market prospects and tremendous business opportunities, look for Hamlet precisely this market, after full consideration and preparation, began to get involved in the field of intelligent home. backpfrontp smart home and intelligent lighting control both in the technical field are interlinked, so Leiter done very technical advantages. Everett mature technology experience accumulated in the intelligent lighting control will provide strong technical support and security Lei Tian's smart home products. Lei Tian will fully exploit the market demand in this area in the smart home, smart home products Lei Tian either design or style are more close to the public life, more avant-garde,led tennis light leading intelligent life new fashion trend. Ray Everett field of sustainable development will inject new vitality. backpfrontp intelligent control, intelligent power, intelligent home three plates Reiter will be the direction of development. Reiter plans to build technology research and production base as well as provincial-level enterprise technical centers, the provincial engineering technology research center. More planning is still brewing or implementation. backpfrontp on, on the new website and the new board's 2015 think tank jointly issued three new board value ranking, Reiter ranked number 33 in 2500 three new board companies board after three months, living in the same industry (electronic equipment, instruments and components industry) standings fifth place on the list is the only company in the lighting industry companies on the list. backpfrontp Reiter on the list among the best description of the capital market and industry research experts on the unlimited potential of Hamlet in the field of intelligent lighting hidden in recognition. Successful listing, in terms Everett is a good start, is the beginning of a new period of development. Leiter better tomorrow worthy people to scraps, work! (This article is Leiter contribution) backp