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Rectangular Lighting Applications Revenue Growth Over 6 Times Less Than The Listed Equity Investment Projects Basic Benefit--oak Led Flood Light

Sep 24, 2016

when [Engineering] LED zhuangao frontp [text / Engineering] Zhao Hui rectangular LED lighting market in 2012 net proceeds of 495 million yuan,stadium-lights of which LED lighting expansion project to raise funds invested 198 million yuan, LED lighting lamps expansion project to raise funds invested 065 million yuan.led-stadium-light According to the latest semi-annual data shows that as of now these two equity investment projects did not reach the expected benefits. backpfrontp August 24 evening, rectangular lighting (300301.SZ) disclosed the 2015 semi-annual report.stadium-floodlight Reported a first half the company achieved total revenue of 610 million yuan, an increase of 33.74% over the previous year's 456 million yuan; attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 35.3745 million yuan,high-power-led-flood-light compared with the same period last year grew 8.60 percent 3257.19 yuan. backpfrontp the first half of 2015 rectangular lighting package and ancillary business revenue was 3.55 billion yuan, an application product revenue was 248 million yuan, the proportion of total revenue package was 58.2%. backpfrontp rectangular lighting business segments Unit: million backpbackpfrontp According to the report disclosed RGB-led-flood-light rectangular lighting subsidiary Huizhou rectangular building construction contract has been officially signed and put into construction, in 2015 the company will arrange production according to the project renovation and construction, will the early construction of the project into a set of research and development,1000W-led-flood-light production and sales in one of the lamps manufacturing center. backpfrontp had rectangular illumination in cash and issue shares to acquire 60% stake in Hong Ming Sheng. And on that day in April 2015 consolidated financial statements.tennis-court-light Rectangular lighting believes the reorganization could facilitate the company to achieve vertical integration of the industry chain, real complementary advantages,led-tennis-light enhance the company's LED lighting applications, the proportion of business, give full play to the industrial chain advantage, to strengthen the company with Kang Ming Sheng production process of all aspects of cooperation is conducive to collaborative produce.gym-lights At the same time, the product can reduce the transfer of intermediate links, reduce transaction costs and boosting companies and Kang Sheng Ming in the LED industry's core competitiveness.led-arena-light backpfrontp reported a first half net profit of Kang Sheng Ming 27,068,400 yuan. backpfrontp EMC rectangular lighting package is one of the key directions in the first half. Rectangular lighting products and actively promote the independent patent holder EMC application package, introduced with high heat resistance,led-tunnel-light anti-UV, highly integrated, through high current, small size and other characteristics of the EMC bracket. backpfrontp recently set by the rectangular plan has been accepted by the Commission lighting, it is understood that the non-public offering of A shares to raise funds are mainly invested in PPP mode based lighting energy service projects and supplement working capital. backpfrontp The contrast is rectangular illumination raise investment project in 2012 when the market so far has failed to achieve the intended benefits.led-bay-light To raise funds invested 065 million yuan of LED lighting expansion project in the first half loss of 1.1594 million yuan, as of the end of June 2015 accumulated losses of 26,830,300 yuan. backp