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RayVio Expand Production Capacity To Meet Market Demand DUV LED--OAK Led Stadium Light

Sep 29, 2016

frontp global DUV LED device development and commercialization of solutions leader RayVio announced: In order to meet growing customer demand, the company is expanding its global marketing capabilities, as well as LED production capacity. Capacity expansion at the site and is expected to complete before the end of the year.stadium lights backpfrontp RayVio headquarters is located in California's Silicon Valley has the ability to grow epitaxial, chip manufacturing, packaging and testing of R \u0026 D and production samples. Through this increased capacity expansion for the production and testing equipment, RayVio will accelerate the development process and can annually produce more than two million items. Combined with its use of foundry production strategies, RayVio meet the rapid global growth of deep UV LED market demand.led stadium light backpfrontp from water purification equipment to personal medical equipment and other kinds of global application market, the demand for UV LED devices are used by many industrial and consumer applications industry driven up. We have achieved 45mW optical power,high power led flood light and can provide higher optical power multi-chip packaging technology from a single chip, RayVio complete product line to meet the needs of different customers from different applications. Dr. Doug Collins backpfrontp RayVio engineering and vice president of operations said: We have been confirmed, the new technology platform is being output in the same industry the best product performance. At the same time, we are also in accordance with the road map to reduce product costs. These will ensure that our downstream partners can launch their products as soon as possible. decreased performance and costs before backpfrontp made in RayVio UV LED solutions have been confined to the so-called niche applications.1000W led flood light But with the high output optical power UV LED products appear, as well as system cost competitive solutions offered by the entire UV-visible LED application industry is growing at the rate of growth. backpfrontp RayVio high-performance, low-cost solution has been to accelerate the process UVLED UV LED industry in a wide range of industrial and consumer applications.led tunnel light  RayVio co-founder and CEO, Dr. RobertC.Walker pointed out earlier this year by the fund-raising, we now have sufficient funds to accelerate product development and mass production. The expansion plan will help us ensure the leading position in the industry. After backpfrontp completed B round of financing of $ 9.3 million in early 2015, Ray Vio began to speed up the process of UV LED industry in a wide range of industrial and consumer applications. Is currently working with UV curing, medical devices, air / water / surface disinfection industry in close cooperation with leading manufacturers, send samples certification, and quickly take forward their innovative solutions. backp