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Qualcomm Subsidiary And LIFX Launch Turnkey Intelligent Lighting Platform

Apr 14, 2017

    Qualcomm Incorporated announced that its subsidiary, Qualcomm Atheros to launch a Wi-Fi-based turnkey platform with intelligent lighting LIFX,LED stadium lights in order to accelerate the development of networked lighting. In addition to working with Havells Sylvania and other existing luminaire manufacturers and D-Link and other persons outside of the home networking industry, Qualcomm Atheros, LIFX also cooperate with Arrow Electronics in terms of global distribution, so manufacturers of all sizes to rapidly develop the intelligent lighting solutions. backpfrontp The platform consists of a lighting network module (LCM) and complete LED stadium lighting design solutions components. Two parts are used Qualcomm Atheros' high-performance and low-power Wi-Fi solutions (QCA4002) to the lighting system is connected directly to the home Wi-Fi network, without the need for repeaters or converters. The solution is compatible with open source framework Allseen Alliance Lighting Lighting Service Framework Service Framework (LSF), LSF lighting service framework able to protect the family support AllJoyn? high power led flood light Interoperability between intelligent devices. LCM lighting networking module is the first to obtain Designed for AllSeen certified lighting products to help with intelligent lighting solutions for quick access to the same certification. backpfrontp Qualcomm Atheros and LIFX cooperation for manufacturers to bring two opportunities: the existing luminaire manufacturer can be integrated networking module LCM lighting product easily into intelligent lighting, and the first manufacturer to enter the field you can use a complete 1000W LED flood light design solutions. Both the use of open source solutions offered by LSF lighting services framework. LCM module using networked lighting can not only control through smartphones, but also with other home devices that support AllJoyn communication. backpfrontp LIFX CTO Marc Alexander said: adoption and Qualcomm Atheros cooperation, we will promote the interoperability of smart home devices this dynamic growth industry ecosystem. Interoperability can offer consumers a richer user experience of our lighting products and many other products between, and promote the development of the overall ecosystem. Designed for AllSeen access to any certified TV, refrigerator, washing machine, audio or video devices can interact with our lighting products, and vice versa. RGB LED flood lighting solutions integrated low power Wi-Fi connection and application AllJoyn framework, so that consumers can easily achieve home networking and intelligent. Our upcoming products are first announced the adoption Lighting Solutions Lighting networking LCM module and LSF lighting services framework, which we are very proud. Joseph Bousaba backpfrontp Qualcomm Atheros, senior director of product management, said: We LIFX are working together to eliminate barriers to Wi-Fi-based intelligent lighting field, extended all interconnected's superior user experience. Also, by LCM module and LSF lighting illumination networking service framework Allseen Alliance, we make products easier to market, and help manufacturers to ensure that their smart lighting and smart home products to a variety of systems and services to interoperate. Edward Lees backpfrontp Havells Sylvania EMEA LED tennis court lights lamp strategic business unit (SBU) manager, said: We are bringing Qualcomm Atheros and LIFX provide networking expertise and experience in their traditional fixture for nearly a century together. By using LCM lighting Networking Modules AllJoyn LSF lighting services framework, we can quickly fixture combination of a variety of products for networking. backpfrontp For home networking, consumer electronics or home appliance product manufacturers are hungry to launch a wide range of intelligent devices, but does not include lighting products. Atheros and Qualcomm LIFX cooperation provides a rapid introduction of products, turnkey lighting design solutions. The lighting design solutions integrate networked lighting LCM module, and provides all the advantages of this module has. backpfrontp D-Link AJ Wang,LED high bay lights chief technology officer, said: We are very pleased to collaborate with Qualcomm Atheros, to bring networking industry lighting solutions, which is part of D-Link Wi-Fi smart home products. D-Link's Wi-Fi smart home products using AllJoyn solutions. backpfrontp the set of turnkey hardware and open source software solution for manufacturers of all sizes. Arrow Electronics is a global solution for the distribution, so manufacturers can quickly and easily into the intelligent lighting industry. David West, vice president of backpfrontp Arrow global aftermarket business marketing and engineering, said: Whether you want to add Wi-Fi to connect to the company with the existing lighting products, or just entering the lighting industry company, LCM lighting Networking Modules AllJoyn LSF lighting service framework for our customers compelling powerful tools to make intelligent lighting solutions to meet the needs in various fields. backpfrontp LCM lighting networking modules, and complete LED lighting design is now available. backp