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Q3 Shared The 390 Million Yuan LED Really Rely On Government Subsidies, 'warm'?

Feb 08, 2017

 Recently, LED stadium lights industry has been saturated backlighting market demand and fierce flame lighting product prices, the industry's loss of pressure doubled, three quarters of 2015 are not as good operating growth momentum expected profit performance also suffered erosion. backpfrontp However, LED stadium lighting factory recently become available in the local government subsidies, of which the domestic chip enterprises \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; three optical achieved 170 million yuan subsidy, called each LED plant crown. backpfrontp Recently, three safety photoelectric September 30 announcement that the company's wholly-owned subsidiary of the Fujian Jing An Optical Co., Ltd. 30th Anxi County Finance Bureau received allocated three technology funds total 170 million yuan of financial subsidies for the promotion of Anxi County, high power LED flood light the development of photovoltaic industry chain. According to the relevant provisions of Accounting Standards, and the money will have a positive impact in the third quarter company results. backpfrontp Apart from this, the chip factory BDO Runda said its wholly-owned subsidiary Dalian BDO has received the approval of the photoelectric Dalian Jinzhou New Area Science and Technology Bureau, will get $ 50 million to support funding; the other subsidiaries in Bengbu Yi also received three semiconductor BBHNZ informed the Finance Bureau, agreed to allocate funds to support $ 20 million, is expected to benefit 70 million yuan. In addition, the sun lighting, Mason Technologies, also has issued a public notice stated, were received RMB 9,188 million and 4,877 ten thousand yuan and other grant funds. backpfrontp Although the state subsidy measures previously announced that it will stop the LED industry, but according to recent business bulletin information each 1000W LED flood light, 2015 a total of five quarter Q3 of LED practitioners to obtain government subsidies of different projects, a total of about 390 million yuan. GGII senior analyst Lee germinal representation. backpfrontp According GGII statistics, in 2015 approximately 2,600 LED stadium lighting industry enterprises, industry losses up to about 579, up from 482 in 2014 statistics, the cumulative amount of the loss in the first half of 2015 reached 1.215 billion yuan, with the same period in 2014 compared to an increase of 9.75%. LED industry is also expected in the next three years, mainland China LED arena light industry output increase will slow down, industry will continue to promote the playoffs. backpfrontp however, from which we can see that the country has given subsidies to the list of most give some intellectual property rights of large-scale LED gym lights enterprises, SMEs how to survive? small businesses will inevitably die? This is the industry's urgent need for concern. backpfrontp government subsidies to support the emerging industry is not wrong, but to supply large companies or small companies? Is technical aspects of the supply front, or back-end demand link? China's LED tunnel lights industry subsidies is not conducive to the healthy development of front-end subsidy production processes, will stimulate the industry continues to expand, eventually overcapacity situation. Cloud proud Lighting chairman Yezong Ze said. backpfrontp government subsidies I think we should demand, should rebates, etc., such as EU governments, the US government, too, such as $ 10 a bulb, in fact, the average consumer can buy with $ 6, because there are tax rebates, among other measures. For our SMEs, we just never enjoy such investments at the leading edge of such investment activity in fact, for the quality of the product, the quality of projects is not guaranteed. Jun Wei said Wu Jian, chairman of Grameen. backpfrontp fact, not only the LED tennis court lights industry, photovoltaic, electric vehicles and other industries there are similar lessons, the policy of subsidies proper way, in order to truly create demand, promote the development of the industry. Meanwhile, companies only through technological innovation, improve their product quality in order to compete in the market real foothold. backp