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Pu Tong Technology: The Tenth Anniversary Of The Display Screen And Then Zoom Recruit New Hang Sheng Shiqi!

May 27, 2017

  October 30, Pu Tong Technology LED stadium lights display grand new conference was held in Pu Industrial Park, at the same time, the tenth anniversary of Pu Tong Technology Festivals are also held at the same. Senior engineer Zhang Xiaofei LED chairman, president country Outdoor Advertising Association, media, friends, designers and other celebrities have come to the conference site. Pu Tong Technology conference on backp site backpfrontp conference, chairman Zhang Xiaofei LED stadium lighting Engineering to speak, on the tenth anniversary of Pu Tong Technology celebration congratulations from the industrial environment, market structure, technological trends and other aspects of innovation and Pu Tong Technology Interpretation of research to analyze the future development and Pu Tong Technology raised expectations. backp senior engineer Zhang Xiaofei high power LED flood light backpfrontp chairman Pu Tong Technology founder, chairman Pang Guiwei strategic level from the interpretation of Pu Tong Technology development direction and product distribution, the company depicts the grand blueprint for the next decade of development, and said that Pu will persevere to continue to invest in R \u0026 D and innovation, establish a unique competitive industry. backp Tong Pu Technology chairman Pang Guiwei backpfrontp Thereafter, Tong Pu Technology Hao sales manager at the conference was the presentation of the latest new outdoor display areas: the second generation of the Spirit King (OS) series P1.6 HD smart advertising and communication send series P2.5 HD screen smart poles. backp second generation Ling Tong Pu Diamond Series advertising / through ordinary school series pole screen backpfrontp 1000W LED flood light advertising screen and poles already appeared on the market, but after these projects are mice experiments, a lot of problems: First , had too much power, too much heat, so the temperature inside the screen difficult to control, resulting in poor stability of the screen, but this time through the introduction of energy saving \u0026 P screen, greatly enhance the stability; Second, technology improvements, the previous advertising and Pole screen bulky and inconvenient to maintain, in the process, and maintenance has greatly improved through Cape The launch two products, the first product will be LED tennis court light display to make a true sense; Third, clustering intelligent control, control advertising had clusters and poles screen is actually a serious problem, instability, less intelligent, and Tong Pu launched two new products in this cluster and intelligent control is a real sense. Pu Tong Technology Haoguang Jun, general manager of sales mentioned. backp sales manager Haoguang Jun-Cape-Cape backpfrontp we borrow from the this new conference, will be locked in a small pitch LED high bay lights display industry indoor and outdoor small spacing of unique advantages. Both use refined products into the market, in fact, this is a huge emerging market, I believe it will lead the advertising industry a new revolution. Pu Tong, chairman Pang Guiwei last mentioned. backp-Cape advertising and pole-screen applications Figure backpfrontp Profile: Pu in the past 10 years in advertising as the main customer base, a large number of large area LED advertising display is in use. Now and then launched a grand-Cape Pole LED tunnel lights HD Smart HD LED screen and intelligent advertising, provide advertisers a one-stop service center there in large-Cape area LED arena lights display, traffic is heavy in the main road through Cape poles provide high-definition screen, at the bus stop, pedestrian street, subway, hotels, advertising has provided through Cape HD advertising, whereby, through the Cape of advertising companies to provide a three-dimensional full coverage of the advertising vehicle. backp