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Production Continued To Release Revenue Growth Over The First Three Quarters Huacan 34%

Mar 20, 2017

 LED Zhao Hui With the expansion of the gradual release of production capacity, the domestic LED chip manufacturers overall revenue scale HC SemiTek continues to grow. backpfrontp October 22 evening, HC SemiTek (300323.SZ) disclosed the 2015 third quarter report. Reported third quarter 2015, HC SemiTek revenue reached 265 million yuan, an increase of 22.78%. The first three quarters of total operating income of 699 million yuan, an increase of 34.41 percent reached. LED stadium lights continued growth in revenue size backpfrontp HC SemiTek also benefited HC SemiTek move faster in the second half of 2013 started the expansion. Income business income during the reporting period mainly from the LED chip revenue growth mainly from the further release of production capacity and product performance continued to improve the quality lead to increased sales volume and sales amount. backpfrontp HC SemiTek rapid growth in recent years due to the market demand for stringent pre-sentence after HC SemiTek 2012 listing, while the LED stadium lighting industry as a whole is in a collective fatigue, overcapacity stage. After the market to accurately determine in particular the explosive growth of the lighting market expectations, with the market to raise funds HC SemiTek in Zhangjiagang established a large wholly owned subsidiary. backpfrontp With Zhangjiagang Suzhou subsidiary one, two, three construction projects put into operation gradually, HC SemiTek production capacity has been significantly improved, the capacity of the drive to enhance the company's sales volume, sales revenue and operating profit have improved sharply. backpfrontp promote the production line in Suzhou subsidiaries, two red and yellow light projects the gradual release of production capacity, to achieve full-color display market supporting sales, product performance reached advanced domestic level, further consolidating the company's dominant position in the display market. HC SemiTek side said that at the same time, as a subsidiary of Suzhou three projects has been gradually releasing some capacity, Suzhou plant has become in the international context the scale and technology are leading 4 inches high power LED flood light chip production plant. backpfrontp And in earlier, HC SemiTek shareholders through the company's acquisition and supporting fund-raising set by the program. Under the program, producers aquamarine sapphire substrate technology will become a wholly owned subsidiary of the listed company, HC SemiTek main industry will also extend to the upstream sapphire 1000W LED flood light chip industry. In addition, the judgment based on the future market, the company also intends to reach out to the consumer electronics field. backpfrontp Currently, HC SemiTek is the second largest manufacturer of LED arena lights epitaxial wafers. After the completion of three projects in Suzhou, the company added four inches annually LED epitaxial wafers 656,000, which would effectively digest aquamarine sapphire substrate production technology. backpfrontp HC SemiTek Director, Vice President, Deputy General Manager Ye Aimin said that after the completion of this transaction, HC SemiTek main business to expand from the LED tunnel lights chip manufacturing sapphire crystal growth and sapphire substrates upstream production, to achieve the upstream and downstream linkage synergies. backpfrontp In fact, after the acquisition of aquamarine science and technology, in addition to having a sapphire substrate production capacity outside the HC SemiTek will have the foundation and capabilities to consumer electronics applications expand. The company said, if future outbreaks demand, the company will be able to rapidly expand into new business areas and profit sources. backpfrontp production capacity continues to expand at the same time, HC SemiTek 2015 launched the first in the market with small spacing professional display chips, high brightness red chip and a series of new products, research and development of the project in 18, R \u0026 D expenses 7,856.36 million, LED high bay lights representing 11.24% of revenue. backpfrontp Huacan while stable display market leadership, will greatly expand the backlight and lighting market. Experienced electrical marketing director Hua Canguang Shisong Gang expressed as a mainstream supplier of domestic display chip, HC SemiTek will own accumulation of years of production used in the backlight display products of reasonable and lighting market, and customized to individual needs as the goal, led gym lights to stay positive and forge ahead, the spirit of continuous innovation and action, determined with customers create brilliant. backp