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Practicing Industry 4.0, And Work For The Optoelectronics, Invested 50 Million Yuan Hongyan Electric 'machine Substitution'

Apr 11, 2017

 LED stadium lighting company clean production workshop, the whole production line only four workers, there is a workers' state in the Guard, but the company's lighting products, production efficiency has doubled. change this backpfrontp, about to take place in Hongyan Electric \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; 2015 ,LED stadium lights Hangzhou Hongyan Electric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hongyan Electric) and Hangzhou for Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as photovoltaic), in Hangzhou reached a strategic cooperation machinery substitutions. Under the agreement, the company developed a machine Substitution Hongyan overall planning, program by three years, the investment is not less than 50 million yuan, production lines, automation, intelligent transformation and the construction of new intelligent factory assembly line. The Hongyan Electric will implement machine Substitution project will be fully commissioned in the photoelectric. signed a strategic cooperation agreement high power led flood lights news conference held today in Hangzhou Shangri-La Hotel, leadership, Zhejiang Economic and Information Technology Commission Deputy Inspector Zhang Yue, Party Working Committee member Hangzhou Qianjiang Economic Development Zone, deputy director Chen leaves, root attended the signing ceremony . backpbackpfrontp after 60 workers now do live 4,5 individuals will be able to finish backpfrontp Hongyan Electric lighting shop, now a total of eight production lines, if you struck the first blow, each production line can produce a monthly average of 300,000 1000W LED flood light source-level products . However, because it is semi-automated production line, if the full capacity of each production line need to be equipped 30 workers. backpfrontp bad move but now the workers, especially skilled workers are scarce, saying this is the person responsible for the production of electrical lighting geese in Jinsheng, he told reporters, Hongyan Electric now is not low wages to the workers, the average monthly salary can reach 4000-5000 yuan, however, seasonal recruitment difficulties still occur, especially before the Spring Festival, and after the summer time these two, the most serious labor shortage. backpfrontp However, with the implementation of the corporate machine Substitution strategy in Jinsheng employment anxiety finally be cured. backpfrontp Hongyan Electric machine in accordance with the overall planning substitutions, the current lighting production line will be automated transformation, each production line upgraded month can achieve 600,000 LED tunnel lights bulb capacity (by working 22 hours a day dollars), equivalent to doubled than the original, and the completion of this capacity, only 4-5 workers. backpfrontp reporters calculations: to complete the 600,000 LED light source products, for example, the traditional production line requires 30 workers two months, according to 5000 yuan / person's salary dollars, two months companies need to pay 300,000 yuan wages, but if the introduction of automated production lines, RGB led flood light to accomplish the same production capacity, companies pay the company less than 30,000 yuan, greatly reducing labor costs. backpfrontp 3D printing to meet the individual needs of backpfrontp well known, fully automated production lines more suitable for standardized products, so a small minority, personalized needs of users how to achieve? backpfrontp Hangzhou for Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd., general manager Zhang ninety-six presentation,LED arena lights as long as customer demand for the product is made, regardless of order size, new production lines are available through 3D printing and flexible production to meet. Moreover, traditional production lines with workers to operate the main testing products inevitably lead to human error; a new production line for the first time the introduction of intelligent image recognition technology, instead of doing visual inspection or machine positioning, improve efficiency, based on the same improved product quality. backpfrontp fact, the new production line in the whole production process to achieve automatic assembly, automatic detection, automatic aging system solutions, the whole process does not require human intervention, can also achieve full inspection and product quality inspection functions, to further control the quality . backpfrontp practicing Industry 4.0 seize competitive high ground backpfrontp Hongyan Electric \u0026 lsquo; machine Substitution \u0026 rsquo; strategy is being Forced out. Wang meters into the Hongyan Electric president. backpfrontp It is understood that in order to electrical products started Hongyan Electric was established in 1981, the company's electrical products market share has been stable industry forefront. In 2010, the company began to enter the LED street lighting industry, and in the company's two industrial park invested 8 production lines. backpfrontp However, with the rapid development Hongyan lighting industry, the company needed to further expand production capacity, such as this year 1--9 months, Hongyan lighting revenue grew 80%, the rapid increase in orders, \u0026 lsquo; \u0026 rsquo ;, recruitment difficulties another job as labor costs a big resistance to the company's development. Wang meters into that. backpfrontp there are problems, and finding a solution. In fact, the machine substitution strategy has been brewing in the hearts of the king of rice into 1, 2 years. backpfrontp manufacturing Zhejiang province, but in recent years, and the global industry adjustment disappearance of the demographic dividend of competition, China's low-cost advantage is no longer manufactured, so I have been thinking, as a manufacturing geese, the future of the road Gairuhezou? backpfrontp Wang meters into the opinion, Zhejiang and even China's manufacturing industry is facing challenges in developed and other developing countries, two-way squeeze, companies need to step up the strategic plan, practice and Chinese manufacturing industry 4.0 2025 plan, to seize a new manufacturing round competitive high ground while the machine is one of the necessary substitutions to meet the challenges of business initiatives. backpfrontp Therefore, during this period, a lot of research Hongyan intelligent manufacturing equipment business, understand their technology and services, and finally in October this year, and reached for the photoelectric cooperation Under the agreement, the geese renovation projects include the Castle Lake Hongyan Industry Park lighting products automatic assembly line, the five permanent members Industrial Park Hongyan electrical products as well as automated assembly line Hongyan Industrial Park Wuchang automatic production line of electronic products. backpfrontp At the same time, the two sides will also build industrial park in the Castle Lake Hongyan intelligent lighting factories to cooperate. Today, the geese have begun distribution of smart home field, and according to Wang meters into the idea, geese not only to the production of intelligent products and solutions, but also to achieve intelligent production process, in order to respond to external challenges and seize the competitive high ground. (This article is Hongyan Electric Contributor) backp