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Powerful Giant Color Q2.5 Die-cast Aluminum Housing Of The Entire Screen, Easy To Solve The High-density Mounting Distress

Apr 13, 2017

 Conventional high-density products, in addition to technical barriers are partially vested interests within the industry deliberately set up,LED stadium lights hindering the full use of foreign consumers, the traditional installation also caused the popularity of high-density products, obstacles to become a business monopoly high density of the product promoter. backpfrontp [Smart Install] \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; the popularity of high-density housing devaluation standard series of products to address the high-density splice installation troubled installation works, irregular stitching unit board, so the gap between the body of the screen is too large,LED stadium lighting the resulting bright dark line problem makes the display] [high-density products greatly reduced; supporting the power supply, control cards and other components of complex products, while a significant increase in the difficulty of installation and commissioning, but also reduces the use of end-consumer satisfaction. backpfrontp strong giant color changing industry committed to promoting universal access to high-density products.high power led flood light After a thorough product development and application test, the grand launch of the product box] [high density standardized products through standardized professional cabinet design, integrated high density [] unit board, power and system control cards and other product components form can be used for direct installation of intelligent modules, officially declared the break installation challenges of high-density products, strong giant color standard series of box products should be powerful and Health. 1000W led flood light (traditional installation easy to create light and dark line problem) backpfrontp edge [reveal] \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; Q2.5 480 * 480 high-density housing products backpfrontp entire screen shipping, installation of high-density handy backpfrontp strong die-cast aluminum giant color Q2.5 480 * 480] [high-density indoor full color products, using a high-quality aluminum cast, high-precision among Enclosure; backpfrontp 480 * 480 box size, perfect fit indoors] [high-density full-color unit board Q2.5 160 * 160 size, uniform precision stitching unit board cabinets; LED tunnel lights each box individually configurable 4.5V energy efficient power supply, high-end full-color control system card and other product components, save the cumbersome installation and commissioning; backpfrontp master of all the components in one, engineering, installation can be integrated intelligent installation, simply with splicing box, you can get high accuracy and consistent splicing product of the entire screen,LED arena lights enabling customers to install] [high-density product has become easy and convenient. backpfrontp while strong giant color introduced Q2.5] [480 * 480 high-density housing scheme to ship product of the entire screen, it is one step to provide consumers with high-density] [indoor full-color visual feast. backp (Q2.5 high density cabinet 480 * 480 full screen picture perfect) backpfrontp strong giant color high-density products, the popularity came, LED high bay light convenient for customers to bring new intelligent installation mode to a higher display quality to replace the traditional LCD display, with the power of technology to change the industry! (This article is a strong giant color contribution) backp