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Powerful Giant Color Domineering Boarding 11th Shanghai International LED Exhibition---led Stadium Floodlights

Dec 06, 2016

 September 16th, 11th Shanghai International LED Exhibition in Shanghai New International Expo Center opened. LED stadium lights photoelectric display industry leader with a strong giant color biggest booth, the strongest line-up, most all categories, the most shocking image domineering board. Giant hall, hold live audience The strong giant color of an unprecedented large lineup of exhibitors, pavilion by a large screen hall and thousands of shops shop of two parts, a strong giant color spent a lot of careful planning preparation, a super-giant hall erected without tyrants shock the audience, is to give the customer to create the most favorable view of development experience. The exhibition of products, all categories, the essence of the technology, it is also a large area are all unprecedented. backpbackpfrontp bursting with popularity,stadium lights won praised strong giant color hall crowds, domineering pavilion and Chao Wang popularity, it has attracted many domestic and foreign counterparts and businessmen gathered to watch and consult the discussion. Wherein embedded in the hall around five 1000W LED flood light display can be described as pocketed the second glance,high power led flood light large screen, the picture of the most exquisite detail, the most brilliant colors and the most shocking scene demonstrated most vividly, in the past all the merchants whom admiration. goddess of your visit, Yan scared four strong giant color this exhibition S goddess series of products to fearless angle, perfect, without fear of distance, clear and bright elegant display, by the majority of customers of all ages and sought after. After starting from the core, high-quality lamps with gold and copper wire technology with high performance IC holder to drive the drive, and then use high-performance waterproof plastic irrigation technology, S goddess appears more noble. The new upgrade of S Goddess series will feature professional energy supply, to ensure the LED tunnel light display power requirements on the basis of 10% energy saving. In addition to an upgraded version of S goddess series, will use high-performance chips, doubling the refresh rate increase, effectively eliminate ghosting, brightness is increased by 6%. S can not be a glamorous goddess party thing, so intimate a delicate S goddess, who do not pursue, who does not love? Backpbackpfrontp small spacing Q2.5, domineering exposed backpfrontp strong giant color display Q2.5 The main screen , Screen pixels up to 6,144,000 (ordinary display pixel is generally less than 2.3 million), the refresh rate \u0026 ge; 2000HZ, gray levels 14bit, die-cast aluminum alloy casing, display screen size is a staggering body of 8m * 4.8m,LED bay light can be described as a large area of the whole show, which for flatness and seamless installation requirements are extremely high. So fine play fine-made monster, bring the exhibition to the visual impact is self-evident. backpbackpfrontp top with small spacing T1.66, hard-edged backpfrontp and Q2.5 large screen in stark contrast to thousands of shops museum T1.66LED screen, high pixel density it, close watch and no flicker no grainy; MBI5153GP drive chip,LED street lighting to solve a small pitch scanning screen ghosting, LED bad cause cross, low gray balance color cast, gradient dark line, the first line of dim phenomenon; gradation processing depth of 16bit; refresh rate above 2000Hz; with Nova by-point correction solving bright and dark lines, bright, color consistency increased to more than 95%; horizontal viewing angle of up to 140 \u0026 deg ;. Thousands of stores Shanghai debut, abnormal eye-catching image of thousands of shops backpfrontp Experience Center is a powerful giant color specially tailored for the customer terminal image of the store,led arena light the whole experience center SI uniform design, the first door panel is the use of a powerful giant color S10 Product past clients and some even address him this is the future trend of the first door panel, a feeling, an experience. Into thousands of stores you will be pleasantly surprised to find that perfectly formed, the whole experience center colorful, complete category,airport lights display stress, a lot of customers come to watch, consulting, join thousands of stores strong giant color eye-catching debut can be described as adequate. backpbackpfrontp excellent interactive communication platform to create unlimited business opportunities for the exhibition backpfrontp various questions raised by customers, our technicians and customer service personnel gave the most professional answer,RGB LED flood light many customers greatly satisfied, the next single site constantly, the mating force micro-channel giant color held shake, free somatosensory games, and other activities of millions of manners both hands, zither live, on-site can be described as bustling, business continued. backpbackp