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Poly For Lighting 'Continental Hotel Energy Saving LED Interior Lighting System' Project Engineering Contested 2015 Golden Globe Awards--LED Stadium Floodlights

Dec 08, 2016

 [text / Engineering LED reporters Gan Qin] as a leading semiconductor integrated intelligent lighting solutions provider, gather for the lighting of the LED stadium lights driver power supply technology, thermal design, optics design, intelligent control , systems integration, and so has a strong technical strength. The company's products are widely used in indoor, business, stadium lights,engineering, construction, etc., especially in the field of indoor lighting, has been in a leading position. lighting related staff backpfrontp Recently, polyethylene as said the company will carry Wuzhou Guest House Shenzhen high power LED flood light interior lighting system energy-saving projects, to compete for the Year 2015 Engineering Project Award. backpfrontp According to reports, the project on the Wuzhou Guest indoor lighting system complete the overall reconstruction, replacing the existing lighting with 1000W LED flood lighting 20000, the new intelligent control system 1 set; through the implementation of the project, the lighting system integrated electricity than the original lighting save more than 80%, the annual saving of about 700,000 degrees, reduce carbon dioxide emissions more than 800 tons. backpbackpfrontp adhere to the first survey of the construction, the design is, the principle of re-construction. Strict compliance with existing national laws, regulations, technical standards, safety LED street lighting system renovation project, the application of the comprehensive requirements of economic, environmental, aesthetic and other characteristics of doing a full demonstration. For project preparation, construction, inspection and the whole process of the specification, excellent control. Staff said. The project will backpfrontp LED tunnel lighting products and LED intelligent lighting control system integration of two power-saving mode, and intelligent lighting systems for lighting brightness, color real-time adjustment, remote operation, monitoring, testing, simple, flexible features. By stabilizing the intelligent control system, the lamp higher application efficiency, longer life, and create a more comfortable, safe and unique high-end led bay lighting environment. project effectiveness and project quality backpfrontp the project owners have been highly recognized by the unit, a one-time acceptance. After the project is completed,led arena light the customer service department of the project scheduled maintenance, testing, since the implementation of the project has not been any complaint or repair status. Staff says. backp