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Polarization Gradually Start Another Giant Merger Integration Significantly Tide---led Stadium Floodlights

Dec 12, 2016

 With the rapid growth of the LED stadium lights industry growth, which gradually shift from the initial competition to compete with extensive capital and technology as the representative of the overall strength of the industry concentration is increasing. LED market ahead of the first half of this year to start the integration of M \u0026 A wave is the best proof. backpfrontp the same time, the terminal market downturn and fierce competition in the industry is more accelerated differentiation and survival of the fittest, large enterprises gradually began to dominate the market, while more SMEs will face out of the crisis. backpfrontp polarization became clear backpfrontp Lately, 30 LED stadium lights industrial chain of listed companies in 2015 first-half results released another trailer, compared to last year, the growth performance of 14 companies, 15 performance decline, a company in the flat state. Among them, the vast majority of the company to achieve profitability, but growth is not strong enough, only Jiawei shares, Ocean King, Handler and MOSO three other companies in the first half performance of pre suffered different degrees of loss.Due to intense market competition, a slight excess of production capacity, a decline in the overall growth rate than last year. BDO Runda, HC SemiTek, dry according to optical in the first half 2015 results of pre-drop 100%,high power led flood light respectively, 50.00%, 66.02% -77.35% and 25% -50%, BDO Runda said that although the company expects second quarter sales increased over last year, but due to intense market competition, sales margins and overall profits were lower than a year earlier.packaging field, due to the main business continued to maintain stable growth, acquisition or holding subsidiaries included in the consolidated financial statements scope, Hongli Opto-electronic, Ruifeng power, 1000W led flood light the country star power and rectangular lighting have achieved first-half results expected by. Among them, Hongli Opto-electronic performance in the first half of 2015 over last year expected by 60% to 80% lead. backpfrontp Meanwhile, Sen and Jufei Optoelectronics fell slightly less than 10%. Sen said, mainly because the company in 2015 in the second quarter for some LED street lighting products for the upgrading of the phase-out of the product price clearance processing, and unprocessed inventory provision for decline in value. Jufei photoelectric said downward pressure on macroeconomic, industry boom decline and other unfavorable factors, the report period, there has been a certain level of operating performance decline. downstream applications, on the one hand, since the LED lighting market penetration increase, the price decline has narrowed, commercial lighting, home market outstanding. On the other hand, as the technology matures and prices small distance into the market acceptance range, the display market gratifying. Overall, the polarization applications continued to intensify. LED bay light, first of all, the performance of snow Wright in the first half rose 70% -110% topping the list; secondly, to stabilize and develop the overseas market, known for sun lighting their performance expected by 30 percent year on year; then, old lighting company Foshan Wang Qin and street lighting on the photoelectric substantial reduction in reporting the results, respectively, an advance down 40% -60% and 51.85% -71.85%; and finally, the morass of marine Wang Jiawei shares are still struggling losses. display aspect, polarization performance even more vividly. Adhere to both the endogenous development and extension of development strategies, build optical, Chau Ming science and technology, the company expects first-half results were up to double,led tunnel light joint construction is expected by the photoelectric 190.13% -219.14%. And because the decline in gross margin and increase market operating costs, Abby and Alto electronic reporting the results of this year has shrunk dramatically, Alto Electronics 2015 first half year on year performance is expected to decline 70% -100%. backpfrontp start another giant merger integration tide Throughout the LED bay light semi-annual report of listed companies is not difficult to find merger integration has become a major weapon to boost the performance of listed companies in growth. The LED arena light application market prices continue to refresh the bottom line, increasing competition, making the lighting and packaging plant to accelerate the pace of merger integration.According to Reporters statistics, since the beginning of this year, LED airport light industry, there were nearly 30 cases from the merger integration, mainly divided into horizontal mergers and acquisitions to enhance the core competitiveness, optimize the industrial chain complementary acquisitions, cross-border mergers and acquisitions to find new profit growth point, transnational mergers and acquisitions in order to better to go abroad and other four categories, the ratio of 6:13: 4: 5. backpfrontp wherein M \u0026 A cases occurred mainly in the first half with complementary acquisitions, horizontal mergers and acquisitions activity, cross-border mergers and acquisitions continue to emerge, which was undoubtedly the most sensational effect of the Jinsha River $ 3.3 billion acquisition of Lumileds 80.1% of the shares. The cross-border mergers and acquisitions to find new profit growth point of the few, only 300 million proposed acquisition of electronic Alto thousand Hui 230 million proposed acquisition of Lehman photoelectric LED tennis court lights company, Jufei acquisition of 51% stake in Optical telecom company, Hongli Opto-electronic equity Diener and Technology. backp