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Philips Then Transition On 'lighting Service Rental Model'

Jul 08, 2017

 Buy bulbs for lighting, light bulbs and through the redesigned business model, we can actually buy direct lighting service, not only can get a more customized personalized service,LED stadium lights more power, for the earth to reduce waste and energy consumption, manufacturers also get higher profits. backpfrontp electricity supply structure in Taiwan is quite warm in recent years to discuss issues in the community, whether to discuss the findings of the carbon reduction is everyone's consensus. LED stdium lighting on electricity use at all, in fact, lighting accounts for a large proportion, 17% of the world's energy used for lighting, how to develop an innovative business model, how to re-design light bulbs, reducing lighting energy consumption and waste generation , it becomes a very important issue. backpfrontp in Taiwan, lighting accounts for the proportion of household electricity consumption, accounting for 1/5 of the summer period, the non-summer period more 1/3. If it can save substantial electricity for lighting, for energy security of our headaches very helpful. backpfrontp this problem, high power LED flood light provides a good solution because LED bulb is more energy saving compared with traditional bulbs many, LED production in Taiwan is also among the best. However, in addition to street outside, Taiwan home 1000W LED flood lighting has yet to take off significantly, many stores still use the traditional fluorescent tubes, in addition to more power, also contain mercury, but also pollute the environment if improperly recovered. Why backpfrontp importance of saving has confirmed that, LED bulbs use is not widespread, but it? backpfrontp Taiwan cheap price is the most important factor. Cheap price so that people do not have enough incentive to power, electricity can be saved because not many. Before the price has not been corrected, we can refer to the following service models and innovative lighting LED tunnel lights design. backpfrontp amount paid in accordance with the use of lighting rental / subscription model is the rise backpfrontp Turntoo and Philips (Philips), Bosch (Bosch) work together to design a service plan pay-per-lux (light only pay as you use), it is designed for commercial building lighting design service rental model. Through the full use of natural light, and after understanding the lighting needs of users, designed at minimal energy consumption to make up for lack of natural light, to meet part of the lighting requirements. The user need not be bought bulbs, but with the way the rent, according to the amount used to pay for lighting, which is how much how much to pay. backpfrontp The Agency of Design (AoD) but also for consumers planning a set of LED arena lighting service mode Connected Light Bulb (and humanity link bulb), the public to pay an annual fee subscription rental mode, so users can enjoy a more customized oriented, flexible lighting services, such as: backpfrontp In fact, LED high bay lights and the biggest difference between energy saving bulbs, the latter if broken, basically the whole broken teeth. The LED bulbs often broken components, is its power cord through the leasing business model, after recovering LED tennis court lights manufacturers, as long as the replacement of the power supply, you can continue to use, in theory, it can be 100% recycled . This allows vendors to create profits backpfrontp way, a lot of sales from low-cost, turn continue to provide better service. Let turnover continues to grow without relying on energy supplies, sell products manufacturing - use - drop mode. backp photo AoD design of LED high bay lights use modular design, so that the core of the power supply module can easily be removed individually replaced. backpfrontp improve from the source lamp, redesigned backpfrontp fact, Connected Light Bulb mode is just the beginning of the study of key materials for recycling LED light bulb, but through unraveling the layers of the problem and trace the origin, later extended to create a consumer and manufacturers can win business model. backp