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Philips: 'Changshu City Ring Road Lighting Project' Impact Engineering Golden Globes

Jan 19, 2017

 Changshu Southeast Third Ring ring segment elevated as Changshu city's first elevated road,stadium lights is also the country similar cities in the first urban elevated, its construction represents Changshu into the three-dimensional transport times, but also opened similar domestic urban road traffic overhead era. Philips (China) Investment Co., Ltd. Freeman Zhang told Engineering LED stadium lighting.Engineering 2015 Golden Globes this year, Philips will also bring this Changshu City ring road lighting project impact Best Project Award. backp Changshu loop backpfrontp items from May 14, 2014 start,high power led flood light to December 30, 2014 was completed and passed final acceptance, in order to project construction and operation period overall economic considerations, the operator is subject to the construction and operation mode using EMC , allowing owners to significantly reduce the initial investment, social, economic and environmental effect is significant,1000W led flood light and won the owners of units of the trust and satisfaction. Freeman Zhang expressed. backpfrontp It is reported that, in terms of energy saving, the project to install a total of 3454 sets of different power LED lamps, the total power 403kw, annual energy saving than the original sodium scheme 2,806,100 kwh / years. backpfrontp regulation in innovation,led tunnel lights the road lighting by three remote control terminal receiving the master control room manual control lights or bell microcomputer control, precise control lights on, turn off the lights of time, while the line current, voltage detection, automatic lighting late at night lower power operation. backp Borderless LED high bay lights backpfrontp similar cities in the country as the first Viaduct, Viaduct whole section there are eleven kinds of forms, including overhead, ground roads and tunnels. To meet the different forms of road sections, Philips combining various types of sections in the form of roads, through rigorous design and simulation, a total of as many as 11 different design lighting arrangement to meet 11 different requirements of the road section. Freeman Zhang mentioned. backpfrontp Apart from this, Philips will also carry RC099V LED26S / 840 W60L60 models LED tunnel light impact 2015 Golden Globe Award for Best Product Award in Engineering. Compared to other market products, this product uses premium PC transparent mask proliferation of excellent, perfect rendering the entire light-emitting surface uniform light effect, the complete elimination of border concerns, to achieve the ultimate minimalist design without borders. backpfrontp then compete in the final award,led tennis court lights Philips could win the title, but also please the circle of colleagues to wait and see! backp