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PCCooler Bring New Debut Russian International Lighting Fair

Mar 04, 2019

   LED zhuangao frontp  November 13,2015, a four-day International Lighting Fair in Moscow, Russian Foreign Trade and Exhibition Center successfully held. Russian International Lighting Fair is the largest country in Eastern Europe lamps, lighting, lighting products and accessories exhibition, as a domestic provider of excellent LED stadium lighting package, overclocking three have four consecutive times to participate in the lighting industry event. backpfrontp this exhibition, overclocking three located in Hall No. 7.2 7F111 \u0026 amp; 113 booths, and from 21 countries and regions, a total of 500 exhibitors from multiple vendors together. The show, PCCooler addition to showcasing the company's traditional advantages of products, but also brought a newly developed TD-MZ series of surface mounted downlight kit, LD4A Series Lamp Kit, TG3A series flood light kits, etc. These products are the first in Russia debut on the international lighting exhibition. backpfrontp PCCooler always adhere to technical innovation, quality and high standards, focus on core technology development. PCCooler always insisted kit + High power LED flood lighting engineering solution provider overall brand positioning, dedicated cooling technology, especially the development of high-power LED gym lighting cooling technology. On the show, 1000W class LED stadium lights (pole) suite TGC wonderful 1000 debut, not only to showcase the overclocking three power LED high bay light radiating strength, but also fully embodies the overclocking three excellent R \u0026 D capability. backp crowds flocked to visit overclocking three brand concept spread to international friends to explain in detail the latest products backpfrontp clients in recent years, overclocking three in the domestic popularity and market share significantly. Internationally, the company actively develop overseas business, has formed a long-term cooperation with the relevant enterprises United States, Singapore,LED stadium floodlights South Korea, Thailand, Australia, Britain and other countries and regions. The appearance of the Russian International Lighting Fair, so that more countries and regions, especially in Russia, the lighting needs of major powers, overclocking three brands and products have a more in-depth understanding, laying a good foundation for the further development of overseas markets. (This article is overclocking three Contributor) backp