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Patent Status Of LED Bulb Technology And Future Trends

Nov 28, 2016

 LED stadium light bulb is the appearance that people have become accustomed to the light bulb shape \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; spherical, internal light source is a new generation of LED lighting, which with the traditional incandescent light bulbs, fluorescent light bulbs compared with: energy saving , long life, fast response, high luminous efficiency, controllability and strong advantages in areas such as home lighting has broad application prospects. In recent years, the rapid development of stadium lights technology, LED bulb as one of the most common lighting, a substantial increase in patent applications, as of December 31, 2014, LED bulb of the invention disclosed in the patent databases CNABS involved a total of 1,787 patents, utility model patents totaled 4,456. Analysis of these patent data can reveal the current status of patent technology of LED Bulbs and future trends, technical development and patent applications related companies and individuals to provide a reference. backpfrontp 1, high power LED flood light bulb technology patent application status backpfrontp Taking Chinese Patent Abstracts Database (CNABS) disclosed in the patent literature, based on the 2014 (including 2014) disclosed involving LED bulb patent statistics The statistics focus on 1000W LED flood light bulb structures and components, through rational use of IPC classification number, keywords, etc. retrieval means involving LED bulb technology invention and utility model patents firstly recall, then noise reduction, eventually get a relatively accurate statistical sample, on this basis, to finalize the patent literature for further analysis. backpfrontp 1.1 years over the years the distribution of patent filings backpfrontp patent applications is shown in Figure 1, the filings in 2007 \u0026 mdash;led tunnel light 2013 years of substantial growth year after year, their reasons were the following: backpfrontp ① With the level of China's economic development continues to improve, the whole society gradually increase awareness of IPR protection. backpfrontp ② green lighting industry, our government implemented a series of industrial policies, such as the 'Green Lighting Project Plan Eleventh Five Cities' in 2006 issued by the Ministry of Construction, 2007 more ministries jointly issued the 'efficient lighting products to promote financial subsidies Interim Measures ',led bay light in 2011 promulgated the' Eleventh Five-Year Plan for Green Lighting City '. backpfrontp can be seen from Figure 1, applications for utility model patents is much larger than invention patents, mainly because LED street lighting bulb technology threshold is relatively low, short product life cycles,led bay light while the invention patent examination period longer than utility model patents, Therefore, the applicant chooses to apply for utility model patents more, and the applicant in order to make technical granted temporary protection, often apply for invention patents, while utility model.main applicant information in Table 1, the applicant mainly for domestic applicants, shows that industry support for our government made the development of green lighting, and enterprises have made remarkable achievements in technological innovation. But scattered distribution of applicants, and more individual application, which is due to lower technical barriers LED gym light bulb, the region / business development is more balanced in the industry. backp