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Panasonic LED Bulb New Release Luminous Efficiency Of 36%

Jan 12, 2017

 Panasonic updates omnidirectional type LED stadium lights bulb 6 products. 6 products have reached the Japan Energy Conservation Law 2017 annual target standard value. From 21 October 2015 to start selling. backp update omnidirectional type LED bulbs products and their key performance indicators backpfrontp According to Panasonic introduced, the Japanese domestic LED stadium lighting market in the popular awareness of energy conservation and electricity prices and other background, is a high level of development. The industry's overall demand at the end of July 2015 totaled 115 million, the penetration rate is expected to reach about 38%. high power LED flood light bulbs in November 2013 was designated as the leader of Japan's Energy Conservation Law standard objects, provides the standard value for the target year of 2017 year. Under backpfrontp Generally, the lower the temperature of the 1000W LED flood light, the luminous efficiency is higher, by focusing on LED bulbs reduce the temperature of the LED module can improve the efficiency of energy consumption. Therefore, Panasonic LED bulb inside the lamp body can be equipped with highly efficient LED tunnel lights conduction heat generated, so that the heat released to the lamp port directional fins. backp improve fins backpfrontp in the conventional product, you can install the LED module module board and heat sink are different parts to form, so the heat radiation and heat conduction losses exist. And the development of the integrally formed fins, the integrated module sheet and the heat sink, with no seams to achieve a heat sink. Thus, heat conduction loss can be suppressed, so that the heat generated by the LED high bay light module more efficiently release the lamp opening direction. Compared with conventional products, energy consumption efficiency (lamp luminous efficiency: lm / W) increased by about 36%, all products meet the Japan Energy Conservation Law 2017 annual target standard value. In addition, the new product can also be used in the lighting equipment with insulating material. backp efficiency by 36% backpfrontp temperature with lighting if it is installed on the ceiling insulation material, the original LED arena light bulbs can not be used, because the insulation material will prevent heat radiation inside the LED bulb LED module and circuit components rise, leading to shortened life expectancy. The new products, with integrally molded fins achieve an excellent thermal conductivity, heat inside the LED gym lights bulb can efficiently release out, it is possible to use in the lighting fixture with insulating material. backp