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Package 'Big Brother' In The Third Quarter Qicheng Billion Light Chip To Reduce The Use Of Domestic Revenue Stagnation Pressure

Nov 03, 2016

Impact mainland supply chain, LED stadium light is not busy season, according to published revenue statistics LED industry in August from the previous month to grow more than one percent of the industry and China currently only soup stone home on two, as the August annual revenue The company also has higher growth rate and high power led flood light stone soup. And a brother billion light package places monthly revenue 2.335 billion yuan, the monthly growth rate of 3.61%, but annual growth is still 18.34% decline.1000W led flood light stone soup benefit its own brand accounted pulled lamps, lighting standard case entered the Forbidden City get the second half of August revenue of 123 million yuan record the second highest monthly increase 11.29 percent, 13.59 percent annual growth. The second half both sides benefit from the brand business promotion success,led bay light the second half performance continued high can be expected. Corporate estimates, as the traditional peak season, stone soup 10-20% revenue growth this year point of view, to profit, there is also the opportunity to break the billion mark last year. backpfrontp billion light August revenues 2.335 billion yuan,led tunnel light the monthly growth rate of 3.61 percent annual growth -15.76%; total revenue reached before August 18.888 billion yuan, annual growth rate of -2.59%. Billion light pressure to get rid of the decline in revenue, legal noted that about 70% of third quarter chip chip plant using domestic products,led arena light projected costs can be reduced by 15 percent, better than the international brands quote requests, estimated gross July and August interest rate has rebounded to more than 23 percent for the month of European lighting season,led street lighting the German lighting factory WOFI pulled margin to reduce revenue stagnation pressure. backp