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Outdoor LED Display Banner Banner How To Do Real Energy Saving Energy Saving

Jan 09, 2019

  It is understood that the name of energy conservation and environmental protection under the banner of the market most of the LED stadium lights display, but it is not really saving also needs to be fine, especially the outdoor LED display, the general area was relatively large, the overall power consumption is relatively large, reducing the use of power display work is particularly important. backpfrontp So, LED display room how to do it in order to reduce energy use LED display power, we need to address the following questions:? backpfrontp 1. High power LED flood light operating voltage is low, typically DC 2-3.4V , then you need to use switching power supplies to convert high-voltage alternating current mains, in the conversion process of how to achieve the highest conversion efficiency; backpfrontp 2. Common LED display modules DC working voltage is typically 5V, and 1000W LED flood lights work voltage is 2-3.4V, how to effectively improve the circuit so that the voltage drive circuit to achieve a minimum in order to reduce voltage loss in the circuit, thereby reducing unnecessary heat loss, to reduce power loss; backpfrontp 3. How to improve the LED tennis court lights photoelectric conversion efficiency, to ensure the brightness of the display case, in order to reduce the drive current, and ultimately achieve the purpose of saving power; and how to properly use the light emitting brightness of the display, the emission brightness may vary with changes in the environment to save power. backpfrontp solve the above problem, experts give the industry a bit Suggestions: backpfrontp 1. High luminous efficiency LED gym lights, light-emitting chips do not cut corners; backpfrontp 2. High efficiency switching power supply, greatly enhance the power conversion efficiency; backpfrontp 3. be excellent The screen body cooling design to reduce fan power consumption; backpfrontp 4. The overall circuit design science programs to reduce the power consumption of the internal circuit; backpfrontp 5. According to the external environment changes, automatically adjust the outdoor LED airport lights display brightness. backpfrontp by the above five steps, you can greatly reduce the power consumption of outdoor LED display. At the same time, improved efficiency, reduced heat hair, but also make long-term use outdoor LED display light fades relatively small. backp