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OSRAM General Lighting Business Bid Intense Fozhao BDO Same Announcement To Join The Battle--OAK LED Stadium Light

Oct 06, 2016

[potential buyers] zhuangao Engineering LED lighting manufacturers negotiate Germany Osram (OSRAM) general lighting business for sale or being unveiled. August 25 evening,stadium lights BDO Runda (002005.SZ) announcement is planning a major asset and equity acquisition, the company intends to cooperate with the National Industrial Fund jointly acquire overseas assets of a lighting company, involving an amount estimated at about 40-60 between one hundred million yuan, it has entered a substantive stage of negotiations. This amount with the previous agency Osram asset valuations coincide.led stadium light It is said that Osram has commissioned the Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) for selecting the best buyer. Analysts said the OSRAM General lighting business worth up to 1 billion euros (equivalent to about 6.893 billion yuan), including debt. A source said that since April this year, OSRAM has now informal talks over potential buyers, including Chinese counterparts, mainly candidates might include Foshan Lighting, NVC (BDO Runda), sunlight and other lighting listed companies. In addition, some participated in the auction this year, Philips Lighting Devices business private equity groups such as CVC,high power led flood light KKR and Bain Capital, is also expected to universal lighting business Osram interested. On the announcement the same day, Foshan Lighting (000541.SZ) announced at BDO Runda, the company is working with Bain Capital (Hong Kong) Limited planning a major acquisition matters. Foshan Lighting is currently the largest shareholder of OSRAM. 1000W LED flood light According to the shareholders on first quarter earnings show, the Osram Foshan Lighting accounted for 13.52%, Prosperity lighting equipment accounted for 10.54% of the shares. All the signs are constantly verify some of the previous speculation. The bidders are not only the two companies. Plus he had already publicly expressed Osram lighting business common interest and intends to issue a non-binding Feile Audio-Visual Offer (600651.SH), RGB led flood light as well as previously announced proposed acquisition of the field of global energy management subsidiary of a well-known enterprise Chau Ming Technology (300232.SZ), has also been a lot of speculation as the industry is Osram. Famous Wall Street investment bank Jefferies analyst Peter Reilly's said that for Asian buyers, the biggest attraction is obtained using the OSRAM brand and Sylvania (Sylvania) brand rights. He said: For the Asian manufacturers, and its foundation hit heavily in the European market, it would be the direct acquisition of a strong brand appeal. For Chinese manufacturers, this is a good opportunity for a lifetime. For the current increasingly competitive Chinese market, especially high-end brand brand can bring a good product market bargaining power of those deep price war enterprise, of course, the local government may also become one of the backers of overseas mergers and acquisitions. Currently, Philips LED related to its production and automobile lighting Lumileds sold to Chinese enterprises Jinsha River, so Osram will become another company that sells general purpose lighting business to Chinese enterprises in Europe and lighting giant it? Philips,tunnel light Osram have implemented the sale of common lighting business matters, then general lighting (GE) will be the next?