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Osram Foshan Factory Workers On Strike Dissatisfaction Related Resettlement Compensation Called 'Chinese Workers Bullied?'

Aug 21, 2017

 ă€frontp [text / Engineering LED stadium lights Yue Motte] at 15 o'clock on November 5 and more, I have a friend from Foshan Chancheng Osram factory gate after, we found the factory gate full of people, heard the staff strike. backp provided above for on-site personnel photos and videos backpfrontp Osram is well-known multinational companies in China also has considerable brand status and influence.LED stadium lighting Osram recently announced that it would split the lighting and channel business, Feile Audio-Visual (600651.SH) issued a notice very positive and timely expression of interest in buying, BDO Runda, sunlight and other listed companies are also rumored to Osram lighting business around the corner, this is pocketed the eye. LED tennis court lights Soon after, Foshan Lighting (000541.SZ) announcement, the company's largest shareholder OSRAM Holdings Limited, the controlling shareholder of OSRAM GmbH and Guangdong Electronic Information Industry Group Co., Ltd. signed the Share Purchase Agreement, the price of 2.621 billion yuan OSRAM Holding Co. 100% stake in the company transferred to the latter, after the completion of the transaction, which will become the largest shareholder of the company,LED high bay lights it is for the industry in an uproar. backpfrontp Osram Foshan factory of Osram (China) Lighting Co., Ltd., one of the country's production base, shareholders OSRAM Enterprise Management Limited and Hong Kong Prosperity Lamps and Components Co., Ltd., OSRAM holding 90%, Hong Kong's Prosperity holding 10% . backpfrontp overwhelmed staff strike reportedly due to the sale of Osram lighting assets raised employee compensation and rehabilitation measures for the late request for additional compensation standards discontent. There are enthusiastic users posted the picture below: LED gym lights that Chinese workers bullied this sentence really tells the old staff's frustration and anger. ? How in the end the truth will continue to focus LED Engineering \u0026 hellip; \u0026 hellip; backp