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Optical Same Side: Light To Redefine Imitation Vertical Flow Light Beads---oak Led Stadium Floodlights

Nov 10, 2016

frontp recent years, LED stadium light industry with each passing day, a variety of new products, new technology after another. As LED packaging industry nexus, is the highlight (xuetou) continues, we are busy looking for their own unusual in products and conventional products available in the market, high power led flood light in order to reflect its leading advantage of a few blocks of other packaging companies. Where imitation pearl light stream power package industry as originator, since in recent years, by the COB, EMC and other rising star of exclusion, the status to plummet. But because of its versatility, high market acceptance in the spot lights, wall lights, led street lighting lamps and other fixtures, and still see its shadow. How to improve their performance, in order to adapt to the development of the industry, this is a problem. backpfrontp same party photoelectric timely introduction of vertical 1000W LED flood light beads, lamp beads using flow simulation package, use the vertical structure Cree high-power chips, using phosphor coating process, has the following ten characteristics: backpfrontp 1), 700MA current, When using the 3W; backpfrontp 2), low-light failure: by LM-80 certification; backpfrontp 3), high reliability, 1000 bout thermal shock;  4), fever lumen maintenance: high thermal conductivity of the substrate processing,led tunnel light Si C more than eight times higher than the sapphire; backpfrontp 5), high illuminance: vertical structure chip, led bay light intensity uniform illumination than conventional high above 50%; 6), high cost: 700mA high-quality security use, the largest up to 1000mA; backpfrontp 7), CREE brand and quality management system: the original brand and brand prove technical support; 8), global patent guarantee: more than 500 patents worldwide, global exports can guarantee (including Japan);  9), powerful led arena light technical team, the quantum of fully automated production process watts; backpfrontp 10), high light quality: phosphor coating process spot uniformity, low color temperature drift. backpfrontp the same time, the product can achieve the following parameters shown in the table: backpbackpfrontp The product can be applied to lights, street lamps, stadium floodlights, mining lamps, wall lights, flashlights and other lamps, by LM-80 certification, the 6000 small-time decline curve follows : backpbackpfrontp Certification \u0026 amp;gym lights patent protection backp (This article is the same party photoelectric contribution) backp