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Optical Harmony: High Violet Chip To Compete For The Golden Globes 2015 Engineering

Oct 13, 2016

 [text / Engineering LED Yue Motte] LED stadium light production and research Engineering Institute (GGII) survey data show that in 2015 the LED epitaxial chip output will reach 14.8 billion yuan, slowing growth, but at the same time Data also show that since the first half of 2012 to 2015, the average gross margin rose slightly upstream, product price decline slowed, indicating that the industry has entered a virtuous competition. The basic pattern high power LED flood light chip has been set, various chip manufacturers are basically found a suitable way of life. Among them, the three new board listed companies of New Harmony photoelectric (832,502), also known for its consistently good features in the market foothold. backpfrontp harmony Optoelectronics was founded in late 2010, it has experienced more than four years of development has become an indispensable and important 1000W LED flood light industry upstream suppliers, with an annual turnover of 400 million yuan, the products are exported abroad. The company in 2014 started to develop high-power violet chip and initial success, through market discipline and the continuous customer feedback, and made good progress. According to Xu Qi backpbackpfrontp harmony photovoltaic project manager, the company's high-power violet PSS sapphire substrate based chip up growing an epitaxial layer, using a new gym lights type of PSS substrates, two-step method to solve the problem of poor growth resulting crystal quality Meanwhile, low-speed three-dimensional growth mode, to improve the crystal quality of the epitaxial layer, it is possible to reduce the defect density, improve internal quantum efficiency. backpfrontp On the other hand, the chip uses a zigzag quantum well design, improved quantum wells restrictions on carriers to improve the electron-hole recombination probability, Xu Qi further said that the chip of the N-type layer and P-type layers doped miscellaneous optimization, making the N-type layer and P-type layer to minimize absorption of violet, can improve the efficiency of violet light. In order to obtain high-quality deep UV LED bay light harmony photoelectric also try to take a non-polar or semi-polar plane surface epitaxial growth techniques in homogeneous GaN substrate, partially eliminate the quantum Stark effect induced polarization electric field. backpfrontp from the market reaction, the harmony of its photovoltaic customers are more satisfied with purple high-power products, that can fully understand customer needs, and standing business point of view, to provide a lot of technical advisory services. backpfrontp we hope that our products can not only experience the market test is also able to win the praise of colleagues and experts, winning a Golden Globe this year's Engineering LED street lighting. Harmony photoelectric Xiangdong expressed.