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Op Lighting Hand The Dutch Company Or To Subvert The LED Market In Europe And America

May 27, 2017

  In the Kingdom of the Netherlands King William \u0026 bull; Alexander and Foreign Minister Bert \u0026 bull; witnessed hole Dells, China lighting leading brand \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; Op lighting with headquarters in Amsterdam Seaborough signed a technical cooperation agreement to be the world's first general-purpose LED lamp oneTLed technology into the development and manufacture LED stadium lights lamp. The technical cooperation or existing US and European LED market will have a huge impact, and even subvert the LED market in Europe and America. The Netherlands is the cradle of the world's lighting industry, foster a number of lighting giant, this cooperation witnessed the Netherlands royal family, Op Dutch company signed a breakthrough technology cooperation agreement, the Chinese lighting industry, is undoubtedly a huge milestones, Op lighting is also expected to take this opportunity to further promote the strategic expansion of globalization. backpfrontp lighting companies in China with the technology to knock on the door backpfrontp international worldwide use of more energy saving LED stadium lighting source to replace traditional incandescent, fluorescent lamps is the trend; while in the European market, fluorescent lamp socket retention rate is very high, in large part because because Fluorescent socket specifications differ. If consumers want the original fluorescent tube replaced with LED lamp, is often difficult to determine exactly what you should use LED lamps, and together replace the fluorescent lamp socket and greatly increased the cost of replacement. Incompatible LED lamp replacement brings life, safety and other issues has become a major obstacle to high power LED flood light replacement fluorescent lamps. Seaborough company developed oneTLed technology can solve this obstacle, it can be put into any combination of hardware and LED lamp, compatible with all types of ballasts and low cost. backpfrontp result of this breakthrough application of the results, oneTLed has been expected by the market, the world's leading lighting giants have been coveting this. After six months of negotiations, Op lighting from China eventually won Seaborough company's technical cooperation, will undoubtedly become a stepping stone to its occupation of the international 1000W LED flood light markets. Op lighting Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Qi Xiaoming, said: We are thrilled to sign this agreement, because Seaborough Op lighting will work together, pooling of both research and development, operating experience, scale manufacturing and innovative technologies, will oneTLed together this ambitious outlook The new technology into the market, we are about to usher in the international lighting market transformation full of expectation. backpfrontp oneTLed leading LED technology change backpfrontp currently holds an estimated 12 billion jack worldwide outlook for the global LED high bay lights replacement market is huge, estimated to be worth 2 billion euros. In the huge potential in Europe and America, although the government did not provide massive subsidies, but the high price is undoubtedly the LED replacement needs of endogenous motivation. He joined the oneTLed sustainable energy-saving LED lamp technology will save half of power, no doubt greatly accelerate energy-saving process. After solving the common problem of compatibility, the consumer market for replacement LED lamp stoppage will be solved, in terms of cost calculations or energy saving and environmental protection needs to consider, the European market for LED tennis court light replacement demand will grow blowout. Under backpfrontp the other hand, despite the recent postponement of the originally planned European full use of LED technology to replace halogen plan in 2016, but gradually raise global awareness of environmental protection, energy conservation has become the trend of the background, the traditional incandescent, halogen and fluorescent lamps LED technology and other alternatives will be inevitable, and universal socket breakthrough technology to advance policy undoubtedly cleared the obstacles. With LED tunnel lights lamps replace all existing fluorescent tubes, which save energy equivalent to the power output of more than 100 medium-sized power plants. In addition, oneTLed do not contain mercury or any other toxic chemicals, so it is environmentally friendly. With more than 8 years average life, oneTLed will significantly reduce costs and reduce wastewater discharge. Because of the characteristics of climate change in Europe, which has strict emission reduction targets, the potential for the future in LED promotion and policy support, oneTLed universal technical standards for international harmonization brought about positive effects will also bring disruptive. backpfrontp Op lighting internationalization strategy Chuloufengmang backpfrontp the Op lighting for the first time as technical cooperation with foreign companies on such a scale, its push into the international market, the intention is self-evident. In fact, as early as March 2014, Op lighting had been set up its European headquarters in the Netherlands, North Brabant Eindhoven, announced the lighting market into Europe, not only in Europe to establish a highly experienced team of localization , LED arena lights while relying on a strong Chinese manufacturing and innovation capacity to gradually acquire a certain brand awareness in the local market. backpfrontp According to public information, and in June this year, A-share IPO Op filed prospectus, Op lighting overseas business started earlier time, in 2014 is to increase the development efforts, in 2014 Op lighting sales of 280 million yuan in overseas markets , an increase of 33%. In shaping the international brand Op, do the strategic road among the world-class brands, and innovation has always been an important factor in promoting the development of the company to maintain high growth, leading the industry. The international cooperation will be achieved by means of high-tech or Op international brand of fast break, which is undoubtedly the construction of the company's international strategy important turning point and inflection point. Miss Ma Xiuhui backpfrontp Op LED street lighting, CEO, said: We and Seaborough, the two companies to speed, innovation and sustainable development share a common passion and pursuit. By oneTLed into our innovative product portfolio, we will further accelerate the rapid global expansion Op. It is reported that the use of this product will be the fastest Op LOGO invested in the market within six months, I think we will in the Op lighting of global territory, Europe and America will quickly emerge as an important international strategy Op Center. backp