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Op Lighting Cooperation And Development, And Manufacturing Seaborough Accelerate Global Expansion Strategy

Jul 18, 2017

 Op led stadium lighting and Seaborough Corp. in Shanghai signed a technical cooperation agreement, under the agreement, Op lighting company will cooperate with Seaborough will oneTLED technology into the development and manufacture of LED stadium lights, which will further accelerate global Op lighting The expansion strategy. CEO backpfrontp Seaborough's Paul van Doorn said, OneTLED Seaborough technology developed by the company and the world's top scientists, it is a combination of hardware and software that can be loaded into any high power LED flood lights lamp. OneTLED compatible with all types of ballasts and low cost, a loaded LED lamps can be safely oneTLED technologies and use of energy-saving LED lamp ballasts transform any TL jack. This breakthrough achievement has been expected by the market. backpfrontp Op lighting CTO Qi Xiaoming said that the current worldwide have estimated 12 billion jack, joined the sustainable energy-saving 1000W LED flood lights lamps oneTLed technology will save half of the electricity, which will accelerate the saving process. If the LED lamps replaced all fluorescent tubes, which save energy equivalent to the power output of more than 100 medium-sized power plants. In addition, one LED high bay lights do not contain mercury or any other toxic chemicals, so it is environmentally friendly. With more than 8 years average life, oneTLED will significantly reduce costs and reduce wastewater discharge. backpfrontp I feel for the signing of the agreement are very happy because Seaborough Op lighting will work together, pooling of both research and development, operating experience, scale manufacturing and innovative technologies. We will be the bright prospects of new technology into the market with the Op lighting, so universal LED tennis court lights lamp can be used worldwide. Paul van Doorn, CEO Seaborough of representation. Miss Ma Xiuhui CEO backpfrontp Op lighting that our company's cooperation with Seaborough thrilled. The two companies on speed, innovation and sustainable development share a common passion and pursuit. By one LED high bay lights into our innovative product portfolio, we will further accelerate the rapid global expansion Op. Mr. Martijn van Rheenen backpfrontp Momentum Capital's chief executive said that with the growing global energy demand, this agreement is essential for reducing carbon dioxide emissions. This product has significant potential to reduce electricity consumption and waste emissions. backp