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One Week News | This Week You Must Know LED Event

Mar 23, 2017

 LED production and research Engineering Institute (GGII) research shows that in 2014, the annual Chinese domestic market size of LED lights dropped sharply to 2.8 billion yuan , down 30.9 percent. 2015 street domestic market size is expected to 2.3 billion yuan, down 16.6 percent. That prices continued to fall and the double impact of the slowdown in demand, Chinese domestic scale LED stadium lights was gradually decline, perhaps also indicates that domestic LED street lamp market will enter the winter period. backpfrontp 2, Ed Power general manager Tangrun Lin believes in the power industry generally poor market situation, do have a way out segments. backpfrontp 3, commercial and residential lighting to LED stadium lighting intelligent direction of the development of small spacing display to enhance penetration into the LED display market growth momentum. backpfrontp 4, 2015 the global LED industry prices continue diving, Foshan high power LED flood light enterprises export prices have fallen sharply, companies are forced into a new round of price wars. backpfrontp 5, as the LED industry, the whole industry chain layout of the few who backed Rising country star power company's strong capital strength and the company's own research and development, the formation of a resource - technology - complete market chain - manufacturing. backpfrontp listed companies backpfrontp 1, three new board Ai Ke lighting 24.44 million yuan private placement approved by the Board. backpfrontp 2, HC SemiTek HC SemiTek wholly-owned subsidiaries (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Zhangjiagang government subsidies received documents, agreed disbursement of the third quarter of 2015, industry-funded subsidies to 5,640 yuan. backpfrontp 3, the leading packaging factory billion light startling news of unpaid leave to start. Everlight clarify for employees of tourism golden week, not the implementation of unpaid leave. backpfrontp 4, Spike Optoelectronics obtain authorization Toyota white 1000W LED flood light patent license agreement contract. backpfrontp 5, the country star power to spend 60 million yuan with the first field of microelectronics signed a 'domestic equipment purchase contracts', and ASM Pacific (Hong Kong) Limited signed the 'import equipment purchase contracts.' backpfrontp 6, Xindeco listed for sale held 1.31% stake in the three security electronics. backpfrontp large data backpfrontp 1, according to statistics, in China Lighting Association annual report, confirmed the town lighting accounts for 70% share of the national lighting industry, each year about 3.2 million people around the buyers visited town. backpfrontp 2, according to incomplete statistics, this year, around the area of integrated LED tunnel lights merger cases so far has reached more than 30, more than 28 billion merger integration funds. backpfrontp 3, the strong demand for commercial lighting, CREE official is expected in the second quarter of fiscal year 2016, Cree plans to achieve $ 425 million \u0026 mdash; revenue target of $ 445 million. backpfrontp overseas focus backpfrontp 1, as of October 2015, the US market altogether 2995 Bulb obtain Energy Star certification. backpfrontp 2, Danish researchers found, turquoise and blue LED high bay light therapy to slow the infant hyperbilirubinemia (commonly known as jaundice) equally effective. backpfrontp 3, Philips asked the Chinese mainland and Taiwan Original Design Manufacturer / Original Equipment Manufacturers in 2016 to reduce the LED arena light bulb factory price of $ 0.8. backpfrontp 4, LED gym light affects sleep, UK residents called for improved light emission problems. backp